British Lung Foundation

A survey for lung cancer patients and their carers

We are asking people living with cancer, or their carers, to fill in this short survey to help understand what matters most to you and help make sure that your voice is heard as the Government works to make integrated care a reality.

The survey can be filled in here:

The survey is run by the Cancer Campaigning Group (CCG), of which the British Lung Foundation (BLF) is a member. The CCG is a coalition of around 50 charities who are campaigning for better services for people with cancer and their families. The survey is part of a project looking at what ‘integrated care’ means to people living with cancer and their carers.

Integrated care means having a seamless, well-co-ordinated experience, across GP, hospital, and social services. In practical terms, it can mean things like your GP knowing what stage of treatment you are at, always seeing the same hospital doctor or specialist nurse, appointments and test results being provided quickly, and not having to keep explaining the same things to different people.

Thank you for your time. The survey will be open until Friday 25 May and the survey findings will be posted on in the summer.


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