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More Exasperation

Went to my GP today because she wanted to try me on another inhaler to see which works best. She's trying me on Ipratropium Bromide. I asked her to give me a check up to make sure the recent chest infection had gone, thankfully she says it has.

I asked her if she could tell me what my lung capacity was and she started showing me figures I didn't understand. I asked if she could just tell me in percentage terms as I'd understand that and her reply was that she couldn't. Why, well she hasn't seen the graph from the spirometry test because the nurse that did the test has lost it! She says she need to see the graph. I know I was told that once I tried the inhaler the first test showed I had a 5% improvement and on the second test I showed a 20% improvement. All my GP would say is that my lung capacity is very good.

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Glad to hear your doctor is pleased with your lung condition that is good news

kind regards Ethel


Thanks Ethel. It is good news and I am grateful for it. My Dr is usually very good, she is usually very explanatory and she always gives her patients time and listens. May be this is just something she doesn't know much about. Plus, everyone is allowed to make mistakes. When it is your own personal health at stake though it is a bit galling.


No you're not just thinking of your old one, she is. As you say it is really the nurse's fault. It was at 8.30 a.m.. I have to go back in a month to see how my new inhaler is doing and doc says she'll see then about doing it again.


Stress is so bad for breathing do not drag it along with you ask me how I know:-(


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