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Do you think smoking cannabis has had an effect on your lung health?

Share your thoughts and experiences about smoking cannabis. The statistics show that smoking cannabis is bad for your lung health, and we want to hear from people who have been affected by it.

For more information about the effect of cannabis on the lungs visit:

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I only know what I've read about there being the toxins of 6 cigarettes in just one spliff. I never smoked cannabis regularly, very few times. In my youth I attended social gatherings where there were a lot of heavy users. In addition my brother was a heavy user and I guess I smoked it passively on quite a few occasions.

I guess passive smoking of cannabis could have had an affect on my lung health, that and a number of other lung damaging agents.

One my not want to face it, but everything we inhale does have an effect on our lungs. Why do people who first inhale Cannabis (oh such a clean name to a nasty habit)cough? Perhaps extract of benefits can be injected versus contaminating the lungs.

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