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Breathing retraining

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Just an update I have found a physiotherapist that will work with me on dysfunctional breathing it will cost me £45 pounds a session which will last a hour a time to be honest I would pay that for the rest of my life if it means me getting relief also spoke to my doctor and she seems to think this will go along way with my anxiety obviously it's a visious circle with getting these symptoms im thinking its copd related and it's probably not, symptoms are out of breath at rest, blouting, sying, yawning constantly especially when excerting your self, fatigue, weezing list goes on ive noticed I get more out of breath lately down the gym and walking it's because I'm not breathing properly due to dysfunctional breathing this is what my doctor seems to think too, as she says my lungs are really good although I don't think so, I will keep you posted

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Sounds like it is really worth trying bryan. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

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It must be good if the GP thinks so. You take care and have a good night 😘 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx

It’s definitely worth a try for a while anyway. I think it can only be beneficial to you learning how to breathe properly. I could do with lessons myself. Do let us know how you get on please. 🍀😃

Excellent news. Just remember it may take time and however good the physiotherapist is it is up to you to put it into practice. Keep us informed.

All the best.hope it helps

Worked well for me Bryan a few years ago. You could also learn some CBT techniques to help you distract yourself.

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As it happens ck101 I'm working on cbt I've been put on a years waiting list because of back log so should be soon getting a face to face

I hope it works for you.I visit a sports physio monthly. She keeps my creaky body’s well worth the. Money x

YouTube has some good content

I paid for Buteyko breath retraining sessions , and for my daughters with different trainers .Some were better teachers than others ….one was texting during the session. Had to be careful in case a not so good practitioner made things worse .

Because I had double pneumonia , my lungs were damaged so the exercises only partly helped . I started practicing again today to try and alleviate my breathlessness .

Meditation following the breath has helped me , also Jon Kabat Zinn you tube sessions .

Gentle, gentle nose breathing , relaxed torso, diaphragm , shoulders .

🤞hope it’s the answer for you.

I'm sure you will find it very helpful, Bryan. The physios certainly helped me with dysfunctional breathing when I did the PR class soon after diagnosis. Dramatic change in what I was able to do - and still can.

Good idea Bryan. It looks as though it could be money well spent. Good luck with everything. John

Hope you get good results Bryan

The Consultant was going to send me to retrain my breathing but then we had covid. So I’ve not been. You’ll have to let me know how you are getting on with it.

If your private physio becomes too expensive or doesn't work over time, and you have to persevere with it to get good results, you could have a plan B. This is to look at my book 'Bronchiectasis Taming It & Feeling Better' which includes self-help breathing advice including my own Breathing Ratio Method. It also introduces the reader to different breathing systems such as yoga, Alexander Technique and Buteyko. If the book is ordered through choose the Asthma UK & British Lung Foundation option and the charity will receive a donation.Good luck for the future.

This sounds promising. Hope it helps.👍👍👍

This sounds so positive and I hope that you feel better from doing this. A lovely book called ‘THE HEALING POWER OF THE BREATH’ by Richard Brown gives a lot of information about dysfunctional breathing with a CD and exercises that may supplement your work or be useful to someone else exploring this field.


It would be interesting if you posted what they instruct you to do, or do differently with your breathing.

That’s very interesting as my husband has the same problem, love to know how you get on as he goes to a brilliant physio for back problems but never considered breathing trouble 👍🏻👍🏻

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