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New Ct scan

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Had my scan on Friday checking to see about my blood clots. They were last checked in November but had not improved much. But with more exercise and more physical work and Prayer! They are now gone. Waited for the result and the Radiographer heard from the consultant that the clots had all gone.

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That’s great news and I’m really pleased for you. Take care xxxx🤗

Thank you😀

That's great news to hear!

I had travelling blood clots back in 2017 that started in my legs and broke off and travelled to the lungs and I had ended up in a and e and kept in overnight on a ward and then went home the following evening.

They gave me xarelto and I managed to get better physically quite quickly and thankfully I made a full recovery.

That is such good news!!It’s so great when you see positive changes when you have been making effort to move things on. Well done.

Thank you for the encouragement.

That is good news. Mine have taken a little under a year.😊

Good news is always welcome. I'm glad that your efforts paid off. Hope you stay well.

Thank you and you.

So pleased for you. What a reliefIt has taken a long time but all’s well that ends well.

All the best

Kate x

Thanks Kate appreciate your love. It is great to have no worries and no pain. All the best to you. Nick X

Wonderful news, so pleased for you. Take care and best wishes. xx🤗👍

Thank you so much🤗

Thats good news for you its allways good to hear news like that


Good news x

People need to be encouraged

Brilliant news, well done. Jax 🐶

Wonderful so pleased for you

Fantastic news x

Thanks 😁

Thank you😀

That's great!

Absolutely fantastic I am thrilled for you 😊 x

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