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Symbicort 100/6 for COPD?

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Hi All, been prescribed Symbicort as other steroids didn't agree with me... Been given the Symbicort Turbohaler at the dose of 100/6... However, I've looked at a few places and it says that this dose is for asthma? However, I have Asthma/COPD issues (just not been properly diagnosed with anything yet dud to can't go for tests) has anyone been given the 100/6 one for COPD issues as well? And has it been effective?

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Yes and yes. I too have asthma and copd and was on this inhaler for years and found it very effective. It really helped in opening up my airways so I could breathe properly.

If you are still worried about it you can ring the BLF nurse on 03000 030 555 during office hours and she should be able to put your mind at rest.

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Ami40 in reply to hypercat54

Thank you very much, I just needed to know someone else with copd, not just asthma had this too... Did you definitely have the 100/6 dose as well yes? It wasn't a higher one? Did you have shortness of breath etc before and did this help with that, I'm just out of breath when exerting or using force, does that sound similar to you lol? Thanks very much for your response

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hypercat54 in reply to Ami40

Yes the lower dose as I am not severe or anything. It really helped me but I have been changed to Fostair coz of a shortage of Symbicort. This is very good too though so I don't mind. Many on here have both conditions and Symbicort is a well used preventer.

There is a lot of overlap between asthma and copd and it can be hard to tell where one starts and one ends. Wheezing and coughing are two of the more common symptoms of asthma whereas lack of breath is common to both.

Do you have ventolin inhaler as well? This is to be used as and when you need fast relief and it can be useful to take it before you exercise which should help.

Meanwhile stay with us on here as between us we are a mine of information and we rarely bite :) I have been here years and nearly everything I know about lung disease I learnt on this site from helpful and supportive members.

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Ami40 in reply to hypercat54

Thanks I will do, yes I've got a ventolin too. I've just had this Symbicort but can't even really tell if I've had a dose? Don't really want to take another? Any ideas? Couldn't feel it going in? And doses just go down from 120 -100 so that doesn't help...

What you read on the web regarding inhalers should be handled with a good deal scepticism - what works for one person doesn't for another; your respiratory nurse knows more from experience than jostling vested interests on the web.

Try it, if it works for you without side effects you're onto a winner. Keep your Ventolin reliever to hand in case it doesn't work for you.

Which steroids didn't agree with you? What were the unacceptable effects? I know you haven't been tested, but how badly affecting you is your COPD/Asthma? Are you a smoker?

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Ami40 in reply to soulsaver

Yes most definitely agree, I've tried a few and they didnt agree with me. It wasn't affecting me bad before but now I can't seem to do much exerting force without getting breathless. I used to be a smoker now I just vape once a wk to get off smoking.

I also have COPD Emphysema and Asthma and use the Symbicort 400/12 since when I have suffered far less mucus. I also use at the same time Spireva. I do get a very horse voice as a result.

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Ami40 in reply to hallentine47

Thanks I tried Spiriva and didn't agree with me sent my heart rate sky high. I've just had this Symbicort but can't even really tell if I've had a dose? Don't really want to take another? Any ideas?

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Superzob in reply to Ami40

I use it as a dual inhaler for COPD/asthma because I react to the aerosol in other inhalers; it contains both a steroid (for the asthma) and a bronchodilator (for both). It is virtually tasteless, and it’s taken me almost 3 years to work out when it’s empty (there is some leeway with other inhalers, but not with Symbicort - when it says it’s empty, it is!) as I can now detect a slight taste. However, I shouldn’t worry about taking an extra dose inadvertently; you can take quite a lot of Symbicort as it is used in the MART system for emergency use. If you’re ever concerned about dosage, it’s useful to consult the British National Formulary at

Hmm! 🤔 Not sure about #Symbicort I haven’t really used it but My Neighbor does she’s got COPD & uses a CPAP machine @ night to Sleep 💤 she’s still a Smoker & did Vaping for awhile then found out Vaping is just as BAD 🤬 she was on another one called Anoro Ellipta but I 🤔 it was her Insurance wouldn’t pay for that & her Pulmonologist gave her a bunch of Samples then changed her to SYMBICORT she does good on it & also uses a Reacue Inhaler they had once Again Replaced her VENTOLIN to ProAir & she Prefers the VENTOLIN !

My Fiends 19 YO Daughter was Wheezing really Bad After Chasing her Dog 🐶 around the Block & had NO Inhalers left! So I gave her My Extra Pro Air Respliclick (which works much better for ME than Any other Sprays) (I had an Extra cause I get 2 of them a Month cause I would use them as a Preventative before going for a walk w/My 2 Dogs 🐕 🐶 so I wouldn’t be Wheezing when I got back home 🏡) it helped her then I had taken her to My Asthma Dr.the Next day cause she was really Sick 😷 & she was doing Vaping then Smoking Cigarettes & really Messed up her Lungs so he put her on PREDNISONE Started @ 60 mg for a week, Symbicort & VENTOLIN & Antibiotic! Then the next week she was about the same so he sent her for a Chest X-Ray & continued another Week on Everything Again! & then Finally after those 2 Weeks of Prednisone still having Problems did another week of that & Symbicort she was doing better until the 4th week & she’s just on Symbicort now & ProAir her Insurance changed the VENTOLIN too! 🤬

I have Asthma/COPD & was on Prednisone for awhile Myself did XOLAIR 💉 1 in Each arm Every Month that Didn’t do much for ME! Was on Prednisone Anytime I couldn’t Breathe while figuring out which Biologic to take next IF Any ??

Ran outta My 40 mg of Prednisone a Day cause My Husband was having Hip Surgery & WE had to travel 🚙 to NYC for his Pre-Surgical testing almost 2 Months! His was a High Risk Surgery cause of having NF Necrotizing Fasciitis on that sane leg! March 2019 so I wanted him to get that done 1st cause he had waited almost 2 Years because of the Regular Orthopedic Dr. Appointments W/the PA & then the Cardiologist Appointments Preparing for his Surgery Finally was ready for Surgery met the Orthopedic Dr. who Didn’t think 🤔 it was a good idea to have Surgery @ a Hospital w/just having Dr.’s on call IF Needed he said he would be better going to NYC Special Hospital for Surgery cause just in case he had more of a problem w/Circulation getting worse! The Vascular Dr. would be there in the OR too! So between ALL his Appointments & STRESS I went through w/him being in Constant Pain that 5 mg of Oxycodene to him was like taking a Baby Aspirin! & the Dr. could Only give him a RX for 180 a Month! When he Finally has the Surgery I was there w/him for the Weekend @ NYC since he’s Legally Blind I was allowed to stay in his Private Room Suite 👍 then he got transferred to a Nursing Home for Rehab & that parking lot had NO Handicapped Spaces Available & Everyone had to Enter through Main Entrance so I had a lot of Walking to do & used My inhaler a lot cause I was outta Prednisone & My Handheld Nebulizer Didn’t work I Needed to get another one! So I was Exhausted NOT being able to actually Sleep 💤 worried bout him I had a Comfy Lounge chair though! My Asthma/COPD Didn’t bother ME @ NYC Hospital 🏥 Even My lil walk to Starbuck’s about a block away! My Problem like yours w/Exertion IF I had to Carry stuff & walk a good Distance I Needed My Inhaler! Well I Finally was able to get an Appointment w/My Asthma Dr. & I told My Husband I couldn’t see him that Day until I got more Prednisone! I knew My Body Needed it! I could hardly walk from My Room to the Bathroom 🚽 w/using My Inhaler & that Didn’t do much I have found doing PurseLipped Breathing & Staying Calm got ME through that! After I was able to get into My car 🚙 Driving there Didn’t bother ME that much! I stopped to pick up My Friends Daughter @ School 🏫 on the way! Got to My Dr.’s office & I was that BAD he Didn’t do a Spirometry Test! I got 60 mg of Prednisone & a Neb Treatment I was doing better but My Pulse Oximeter reading was under 96% so he did another Neb Treatment w/Oxygen then called the Ambulance 🚑 @ the ER they thought 💭 I had Pneumonia but Chest X-Ray showed I Didn’t it wasn’t until Later another shift of Dr.’s found out My Nasal Flu Swab showed I had the FLU 😷 but I had NO Fever 🤒 NO Body Aches, or Any other Symptoms w/ 💩 or Chills just couldn’t Breathe Oxygen felt like cold air in My Nose 👃 it Didn’t do much! The Dr. said while I was @ the NursingHome probably by the Germy Hallways while waiting for the Elevator I had Exacerbated the Flu Virus in while using My Inhaler! So they put ME on Solumedrol, Prednisone, Tamiflu I got High Blood 🩸 Pressure it kept going up from the Steroids so now I take Amlodipine just 5 mg IF it’s above 120! BREO Ellipta Inhaler & Incruse Inhaler (didn’t need INCRUSE or Omeprazole) just continued w/BREO @ a higher dosage & Prednisone until I was done ✅ then Didn’t need that Anymore so I just use BREO now & it’s been working for ME! My Asthma Dr. wants to put ME on DUPIXENT which My Husband s agrees w/ME why should I change what’s working for ME now??? Except having a High WBC I had to see a Hematology Dr. & My Friends Daughter has to see one too cause of the Steroids! Her Endocrinologist referred her to one just like My PCP Dr. did for ME! I also go to her Endocrinologist Dr. cause of Pre-Diabetes I got from Steroids too &I’m waiting to see her Nutritionist since it’s covered under Medical by the Endocrinologist Dr.

I have Asthma and have been on Symbicort 400/12 for years , also Spiriva I have found it helpful. Breathing quite well. And Flixonase Nasal spray So undee control so far.

I am under Respiratory team on the Isle of Man.

Very prone to chest infections (I have MS so immune system not up to much) and was hospitalised with pneumonia a few years ago , so am on a raft of other meds. Avoided the wheezing etc so far this winter.

i think as others have suggested talk to BLF nurse when available.


Hi Ami40 - sorry if Im repeating what others have said. The steroid (Budesinide) in Symbicort takes around 3 weeks for you to notice a difference - if you are breathing in fully when you take it, then you will be taking one dose so dont worry about not knowing whether you have actually taken it. Just remember, if you can, to hold your breath for 10 seconds before breathing out, though for some this is hard.

I take Symbicort 200/6, have done so for many years. Like you Spiriva and other anti-cholinergic medication doesnt work for me.

The main difference between asthma and copd is that asthma is wholly or partially reversible with medication. When you eventually get to take spirometry (breathing) tests you will do them first without having taken Ventolin, then be told to take the Ventolin, and they will call you again about 20 minutes later and re-do the test to see what difference there is in your breathing results. :)

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Ami40 in reply to O2Trees

Ok I've tried Symbicort and it's sent my anxiety sky high! Its given me a really uneasy feeling all day, muscle cramps and Sickness feeling, acid reflux ... Really wanted it to work as breathing seems better but can't take this.... 😭😭 I think it's the formoteral as the same happened with fostair!! I can't function with this anxiety and other symptoms... Can I just cold turkey off this now...? 2 doses yday and 1 today...

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O2Trees in reply to Ami40

If you think it's the formoteral you should tell your doctor that you've had that experience before. I think Symbicort is an excellent medication but if it's not working for you then you need to say so. Personally I dont think stopping after just 3 doses would be a problem but I dont feel comfortable telling you that - I dont know you and Im not medically qualified. You really need a chat with your doctor. Hope you can get something sorted that suits you better.

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Ami40 in reply to O2Trees

Just came off it, yes will talk to my Dr... Need something that doesn't increase my anxiety! This is an absolute nightmare! Feel like I've tried everything and still not found anything suitable! Its a real shame as it did make me breathe much better! But just unable to function... Did you have increased anxiety, feelings of getting hot and uneasiness acid teflux when first starting out at all?

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O2Trees in reply to Ami40

Crossing fingers for you - sometimes it takes a while to get the right one for you. Good luck.

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