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I have COPD 28% lung capacity and bronchiectasis and am coughing constantly for a number of weeks ,leaves you so exhausted think i`ve tried most things to make it bearable but it is a constant struggle.

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I'm so sorry, you must be feeling so fed up. I cough as I also have bronchiectasis but know its part of this condition. However your cough sounds very wearing so I can only suggest you contact your consultant or doctor to see if they can help.Cheers

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Its been getting worse over the last six months tried everything my breathing is a lot worse being cooped up in lockdown with the central heating on does not help the trouble i find as soon as cold i cough right down to my feet, and then have pains in my lungs ,even my sinuses block causing more infections and i`m running out of antibiotics that work.

RoadRunner44 in reply to 2653

Hello again, Are you still under the care of a consultant? Under the circumstances you are not managing very well and need some help and support. Be pro active and ccontact your consultants secretary for advice as say you can't carry on as you are.Best of luck.

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Covid has more a less stopped appointments have managed to get a dr. appointment in two weeks and a COPD nurse around the same time

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I have copd and when I get too warm I cough, I tend to sleep with fan on most nights, when my cough is really bad I just take 4/5 steroid tablets that gives me relief and energy back, ring up and ask for some steroids from dr.Some days and nights my cough is that bad I'm vomiting pure plemgh up take some benolyn too see if you get a rest xxx

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I cough more when i go from a hot room to a cool room and when i go to my car i must cough for at least three minutes before i can even think about driving cough so badly the blood vessels in my oesophagus burst ,due to covid have been unable to see a doctor .I Have just got an appointment with a doctor and a nurse in two weeks time.

Lfcpremier in reply to 2653

Horrific situation to find yourself in. Dr needs to refer you to a resp consultant with a specific interest in bronchiectasis. You should be able to have a video or telephone consultation, even if face to face out of the question.I have Bronchiectasis & have diazepam to help me relax & sleep when it's bad. Don't know if you may be prescribed them. Hope you get some help very soon.

Starrfire78 in reply to 2653

if they have an emegency hospital where u r located, u may do well to go get a once over work up. i wouldnt wait for app unless u really have to

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