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Just got my pip tribunal decision.

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Just to keep you posted, before my tribunal all i was awarded was standard rate for mobility, just got the decision letter from the tribunal and for once in my life, good news. Been awarded enhanced rate for both Daily living and mobility. Dwp owe me just under £8000. Happy days. Originally the dwp gave me 6 points for daily living, tribunal gave me 19 points, dwp gave me 8 points for mobility/getting out and about, tribunal gave me 24 points.

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Well done! Nice to get some good news x

Well done you!! That's fantastic I am so pleased for you - well deserved for all the worry you have gone tbrough - have a great day clapping yourself on the back!

Brilliant News Hun, My Palliative Care Nurse who came today is Applying for my Upgrade on my daily Living Allowance, I am ok with the Mobility as I have a Car. it was a Job I had Put Off , my mind couldn't face The Form filling. I knew I could have Applied for it a lot Sooner. Enjoy every Minute of your Lovely back Pay. Love C. XXX

When i lost my daily living in 2018 we also lost our severe disablement premium as there was only one of us getting daily care, my partner is still in receipt of daily care, so going to find out if they also have to backdate that to January 2020, could be another £6000-£7000 due

Brilliant news! Good for you. Xxxx

Great! Well done

Wow, that's a great result. Congratulations.

Wow that’s amazing. Well done. Nice to get some good news.

That’s good news! 👍

Brilliant result x

What a difference that's going to make to you.

Fantastic news 👏

Very good news. A pity you had to wait so long when you obviously qualified for it, but glad your wait is over at last. 😀😀✌✌🎆🎆

Spoke to benefit advice shop today, to check about the sdp, and because we are on esa (sg) we are entitled to sdp, and yes, they will have to backdate it.

Also this income will be ‘disregarded’ as long as you have PIP and SDP.. as it is down to their ‘error’.... basically any income-related benefits will not be affected and it won’t count towards your personal tax allowance... x

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dwp were on the ball for a change, had all backdated sdp and pip within two weeks and without me having to contact them.

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