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Keep laughing


We all have got our ailments

And if that's not bad enough

We're getting lousy weather

And all this virus stuff

So it's even more important

To make sure that we can still

Have a laugh at some things

That's better than any pill.

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Too true Don and you certainly help with that. Xxx😀😂😂😂😂

Laughing definitely makes me feel better. Sad as it is I sometimes feel these days I've forgotten how to laugh. At one time I remember people saying 'you always have a smile on your face' !

So true and useful to have the reindeer. Not only does a smile to myself in the mirror help but pulling a funny face even better as there is no one else to absence my ‘madness’

That’s reminder not reindeer but they could also be useful

knitter in reply to Walkwalkwalk

I know we have a shepherd and many pet owners here, but a reindeer with a mirror was something new ! Then I saw your spell check underneath.

Made me chuckle....thanks .

Tooooooo True :D

Good Morning Don.

Keep smiling one and all :D

Laughter is the best medicine or so they say

So whenever anyone becomes a pain in the backside

Just smile and bless them for their ways :D

In doing so can only bring

a reminder of our grumpy self

and so we remember the

goodness and kindness within

of the joyous happy self :D

Yes. I think even the early doctors understood it. I am sure Hippocrates had something say about that. Just had a post from a friend: "After today's event Mexico has decided that they will pay for the wall. And Canada wants one too."

Love and a stroke for Miss Chief.

Kate xxx

Don-1931 in reply to Katinka46

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 And love and best wishes to you 😘xx

Love it, and so very true 😊

On form today don, keep it up m8

Don-1931 in reply to soulboy118

I was so quiet on here I thought we can't all have pegged out at the same time. 😁

Angelagone in reply to Don-1931

I dunno, I've had to give myself a poke a couple of times, yup, still technically alive.


Laughter is the best medicine for sure, they reckon if you dont get enough of it your mouth will turn upside down, keep on making us laugh Don, otherwise we will be standing on our heads x

Don-1931 in reply to Izb1

I wondered was 🙃was about. Thought it was an Ozzie smiley. x

Izb1 in reply to Don-1931

Ha ha!ha! x

You certainly help us laugh, Don. 😀😁😂🤣Love to you and Cat.

Thanks again Don you always manage to keep us amused😍😍


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