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COVID-19 Vaccination.


My appointment was made by my GP's surgery but was done at a fair sized Health Centre 3 or 4 miles away. There was a good size car park with a yellow jacket directing cars after asking drivers the time of their appointments. He directed me into a empty disabled space on seeing my badge. The reception desk was well protected and the waiting area attended by a wet wiping person who cleaned the seat as soon they became vacant. A well protected chap called my name within minutes (although I was 15 minutes early because of the snow) and I followed him into a cubical were he first asked me name DOB and a list of health related questions before administrating the dose. A label was suck on my coat showing the time the deed was done and I was shown into another waiting area again attend by a wet wiper who constantly wiped seat as she seated arrivals and kicked out the 15minute expired ones. The whole process was quick and efficient and perfectly safe. I returned to my lair positively purring.

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That’s great Don unlike the glasgow staff fiasco where they were waiting outside the Hospital for two hours waiting for the vaccinators to turn up.

Well of course it all depends on them having the stuff to do the deed and getting it there whilst maintaining that very low temperature must be a nightmare. I was hoping the have the Oxford jobbie but got the first one which requires a second jab, so I'll be forgetting today and won't change anything until the second one is done.

Jaybird19 in reply to Don-1931

Don that is great. We dont really know enough as to how it is done but when you have had you second dose dont change anything. I have been told that this vaccine protects your body from succumbing to a bad reaction but it doesn't mean that you cannot pass it on to others if you develop it without knowing , as people already do. They say that you can still infect others after the jab. So we still have to take care even after the jab to protect others who haven't.

MELNEL in reply to BreatheasyBe

What 2 hours waiting in the cold, unbelievable. I feel sorry that you had to wait this long. 🎈🍀🎈

BreatheasyBe in reply to MELNEL

No not I it was medical staff who had to wait!

MELNEL in reply to BreatheasyBe

Oh my, me again LOL 😃😃😃 sorry!!

That’s very good indeed Don. Nice to hear you had a positive experience. Take care xxx😺

That is great News, Inspires us all when it's our Turn, Well Done Don. 👍💕🍭🍭XXX

Sounds great Don - thanks for sharing with us :) Did you enquire which vaccine you were being given? the Pfizer or Oxford? Well done, glad you are home safe and sound and vaccinated :)

Don-1931 in reply to Bkin

I did ask and was told it was the Pfizer. When I said I was hoping for the Oxford one he said that also needed a second injection which wasn't my understanding. I didn't argue with him since he was about to stick a needle in me, but he obviously knew what he was doing. I didn't feel a thing.

Bkin in reply to Don-1931

ha ha yes, can't argue with that :)

moogle in reply to Don-1931

thing about the Oxford one is that you are likely to have the jab locally.

Oh I’m glad to hear it wasn’t painful. I’ve never been afraid of injections but watching them on tv it looks like quite a large needle going in quite deep 😱 I was hoping it was the camera angle and obviously it’s a minor consideration that wouldn’t stop me having it but I feel better about it now Thanks Don 👍😊

I got that impression watching TV but suspect that in media fashion they chose a camera angle to make it look much worse than it is. I think the needle used must be very fine and of course you need to keep your arm absolutely still. I hardly felt it.

That is great news Don and nice of you to tell us how it all works as most of us when we have to go and have our jabs will be a little nervous, so with your update we will all be raring to go, hopefully.

So it should be. Safe and sound. Glad you got your vaccine and hopefully all goes well. 👍😀

That's great news 👍 And thanks for letting us know how it went. It's really good to know our Dodgy Lung family are starting to get the vaccine 🌈

Well I thought I'd tell you of my experience there's no guarantee they will all be like that. 🤷‍♂️

True, but somehow it’s reassuring to hear of others experiences. And it’s uplifting to know you got your vaccine 😊

Spacecat1 in reply to Don-1931

Great news take care.

Good to hear youvd had your jab Don.😊💪

Ah but you missed out the most important part Don - did the jab hurt? :) xx

Don-1931 in reply to hypercat54

Hurt? I didn’t even know that he’d done it, he had to tell me to put my coat on. They are doing so many they have become experts. 😀xx

hypercat54 in reply to Don-1931

My flu jab always hurts.... xx

Don-1931 in reply to hypercat54

You sensitive little creature you. 😘xx

hypercat54 in reply to Don-1931


👏👏👏👏👏 congratulations Don!

Really useful to hear this. Thanks x jo

I’m pleased all went well.

Pleased to hear you've had your 1st Jab Don. Both types need a 2nd Jab.....did they give you a date to go for the 2nd one.Glad it all went so smoothly and efficiently 👍 Xxx


Don-1931 in reply to pegbl

It will be the GP’s surgery that will do that by text message. 🙂xx

Thats such excellent news Don. I'm so pleased for you 😃

Don-1931 in reply to peege

I hope everyone’s go as well as mine.🙂

Good news Don - pleased to. Hear all went smoothly.

Love cx

Good to hear it was well organized Don and you were all done quickly with no problems x

Good news you’ve had the jab Don and that it all went well. I suppose we are all a bit apprehensive as to the procedure so it’s great that things went smoothly. 💕

Don-1931 in reply to saramacg

I was very impressed with the organisation. They give you a form to mark each process 1 to 10 before you leave and I gave them full marks, it was made so safe and easy.

saramacg in reply to Don-1931

Did they not inform you which vaccine you got? I was sure they had to mark which one to ensure second dose is the same. Then again there was talk that it may be possible to mix , but that’s still being looked into. Also wondered if they instruct you to keep following all the same safety precautions. I believe you do but have heard some folk saying that once you’ve had the vaccine you do not have to wear a mask or social distance, which is worrying 💕

Don-1931 in reply to saramacg

I don't think it is part of their job to instruct people into how to behave after the procedure, in my case I had my letter telling me not to leave my house except for a number of special reasons and that I will continue to do. I did ask which vaccine I had been given out of interest but it was immaterial really as I'm sure the system will take care of any follow-up. It's only by keeping the procedure simple and people just doing as they are told that there is any chance of them completing the massive task of vaccinating the whole population. 😷😘

saramacg in reply to Don-1931

That’s true about time etc. Thanks Don

At odds with most i actually think you have got the more proven vaccine at the moment Don and i do hope you get the 2nd dose withing the timescales designed for it's use which is 3 weeks from now.Imo as good as it is to spread vaccines around and expand their delivery timescale in order for more people to get some sort of protection it is a scientific experiment that may well backfire in the longer term?

p.s i hope Miss chief has already had her yearly jabs as Miss scruffy is way behind schedule and may yet turn into a dog?

🙃😿 x

Don-1931 in reply to skischool

I just hope that other centres tackle he job as well as they are doing here. The people responsible for seeing I get the second jab are my GPs surgery not the Health Centre people doing the job. No doubt when the later easier to store vaccine becomes available to them the the GP's surgery will dealt with it the same way as the flu vaccine.Miss Chief I rarely see. It's become obvious that she has been used to working the night shift and sleeps during the whole of the day. Either that or she has taken early retirement. 🤷‍♂️😁x

That’s good to know x

Yay! You are on your way Don!! Brilliant news 😘😘😘 xx

This is great news Don. Really pleased to hear you’ve had your first jab (dose) of the vaccine. It sounds as if the process has been really well organised in your neck of the woods.

My hubby is quaking at the sight of people queuing here in Leeds. Stood out in the snow & not socially distanced! He’s worried we’ll contract the virus whilst we’re in the queue!

I just live in hope that we’ll all survive this nightmare & that the vaccine will truly be our salvation.

Hope Mischief is settling in well Don🐈‍⬛🐾🐾

Take care & stay safe.

All the best, Gill x

Good to hear you have had your vaccine. Keep safe and. Best wishes

Thanks for the reassurance, Don, all sounded very efficient.

I’ve got an appointment in a couple of weeks at our main hospital. I’m joining the carers band, hopefully, they’ve accepted my application anyway, with a warning that if I don’t qualify on arrival, it won’t be done.

I’m not sure they’ll accept me as an unpaid carer.....employed carers are the main focus.

Sounds as though the vaccine only reduces severity of a possible Covid infection rather than helping us to avoid it altogether....which was what I was hoping for 🤨 Good luck to you anyway.

Hope your new pet becomes less elusive during daylight hours soon 😉 xx

So glad you have received your vaccination.I am waiting now, clinically extreme with respiratory condition in group 4. Did you get a letter or telephone communication please.. sopsx

With regard to the second dose, Don, my husband was due to have his on Monday (having had his first one the week before Christmas) but he received a text message a few days ago to say he would now be getting it at the end of February. His was the Pfizer jab too.

I'm pleased to say that his experience of receiving the first one was as good as yours but I can see from the post from Inquisitiveme that not everyone is as fortunate.

xx Moy

Don-1931 in reply to MoyB

That’s two of us with a good experience, let’s hope we are of the majority. I expect to get a text in due course with an appointment for the second jab. Until I’ve had that in my arm for a week or two I shall stay as I am. xx

Thanks for telling us about your vaccine experience Don, salvation is on the way!

I'm having mine on wednesday,our local little theatre is the vaccination centre. Our doctor says he is getting highly frustrated with people saying they want the "English " one! Not sure which I'll be having but the sooner the better!

Don-1931 in reply to Aingeful

I wouldn’t want to be a doctor or a politician during these troublesome times. Dealing with the public with it’s large proportion of whinging nit-picking hair-splitting characters. I hope your vaccination centre performs well.🙂

I’m so pleased to see these vaccinations reach our people. 👍🥂

Don, that is good news and so positively told. A door is opening up for you and Miss Chief to start careful exploring. I am so happy for both of you. Roll on the second jab and the camper wheels may follow in the summer. Grace

Thank you Grace, I think there’s still a way to go but we are heading in the right direction which I didn’t think we were doing before.😀🥳x

Good to read it was positive as I get my jab on Wednesday at 8.20AM!

Don-1931 in reply to frose

Let us know how it went. I can report that I’ve not had any after effects. 😀

frose in reply to Don-1931

That's good to hear! I work Monday to Wednesday so have arranged the vaccine on Wednesday morning so that, should I feel below par, I can be unwell on my own time! Still, even if I were to feel rough, I'd rather that for a few days than death by covid!

Don-1931 in reply to frose

It's twenty-four hours now since I had it and I have felt nothing. I didn't even get the little round plaster put on the spot that I usually get after the flu jab. I was a bit put out about that, it's like a badge of honour

Annie31 in reply to Don-1931

That's great, really pleased for you!

frose in reply to Don-1931

Haha well put your own on ! I don't usually get one after a flu jab, now I'm feeling hard done by!

Great news all done safely


Thank you Don for sharing this information best wishes to you


Your starting to speak like your a pussy cat Don. Purrrrr into lair.. Grat i fno on how they do jag... Cant wait to get mine.. Hope Mischief. Settling in.. So different havi g. A cat after yrs of doggies. Xx Margarita and the woofs.

Don-1931 in reply to Cheriebobo

Cat and I are living separately lives at the moment, she does the night shift. 😉

Great news ......but remember to stay safe .....we have a long way to go yet......

Jo. 😊

Don-1931 in reply to Buzzytruk

Oh yes, nothing has changed as far as I’m concerned. 🙂x

Great news Thanks for the recount of your vaccine journey. It was a really well organised event. Hopefully by the time they get to me it will be well organised where I go. I was a bit perturbed by the news footage showing people queuing for theirs and not socially distant Hopefully you'll get your 2nd dose soon. Take care and post pics and news of Mis Chief. x Anita

The media always finds the worst case scenario. Who cares if millions get it without a problem? 🙄x

Hi Don, For some reason your Covid post has only just arrived,. Delighted its all over until the second dose and ou obviously had a good, safe experience.

If you feel up to it could you let us know what side effects you had (if any). I understand some people have just a painful arm over two days and a few "under the weather' feelings.

It helps to know what to expect.

How is your moggie settling in?


Seemed very civil Don makes a nice change

Good to hear that you had an excellent experience. 👍👍👍

Thank you Don 1931, glad to hear yours went smoothly. My freind has hers next week at the local clinic . But although I am extremely vunerable I have to wait as I am in group 4 which maybe Febuary now. But according to latest news it will be before the 15th which is only another six weeks away fingers crossed. And hoping I don't get the virus in the mean time :)

Don-1931 in reply to katieoxo60

Well take heart Katie, things seem to be moving at quite a pace now . Six weeks is no time at all when you consider how long this pantomime has been going on. Stick to the well rehearsed procedures that have protected you thus far and all will be well. 😷🌈😊

katieoxo60 in reply to Don-1931

Thats the idea , nothing changing in this house till after the vaccine . Glad to hear it does not hurt only like having the annual flu jab. Stay safe.

Don-1931 in reply to katieoxo60

Don't change anything until l o n g after the second jab, if you need two. 😉

Hi Don,I'm glad it all went so well and safely, gives us all a bit of hope for that same kind of efficiency 😊👍Well done, Don, and take care still🤗😘

Good morning Mr.D and i have to say how glad i am that you've got your vaccine and how efficiently and safely it was all done. Part of me was just dreading your post then doing a u-turn and going belly up! Instead it's a BIG 👍 !! Which vaccine did you have? Ive not heard anything about mine but am presuming that due to being of such a young age 🧓 lol, I'll be getting my 💉in the 4th sector, sometime in early Feb. That's Feb2021 surely? You've had snow too! There's a lot going on in your neck of the woods. Lucky you. Does little furry one like the snow? No throwing snowballs at the neighbours front door and running off eh!! You keep warm and stay safe. 🐿🌈⛄xx

Good morning SH, how nice to see you up and active so early.😊 Yes, the unfortunate thing is that we have been well trained of late to expect the worst, so that when something goes right we become absolutely overjoyed. But of course that's how it should be every time. Perhaps those days will return one day. The snow was no more than a furry and soon turned to rain which froze making it much worse than snow underfoot.Yes a lot has been going on here including the planned transition from dog lover to cat putter up with. Take care and stay safe, the end is in sight.'🧐xx

I read somewhere that the Oxford vaccine is mainly being given to care homes and housebound people. This is because it doesn't need to be kept at low temperatures. Other people who can go to a centre can be given the Pfizer vaccine.

Don-1931 in reply to Aingeful

I'm happy with that if it is the case. 😊