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Diabetes because of lung meds.

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Hello all

Has anybody in the UK been diagnosed with a Lung Disease and takes Prednisolone, has now been told they are Diabetic?🌈🌈

Thank in advance Annie 👍

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Yes I’m now post steroid induced diabetic caused by high doses of prednisone,my sugars increased when I was on them for 18 months .On metformin now but back to prediabetic thank goodness xx

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I am glad. Thanks for getting in touch.


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Maximonkey in reply to Tinker26

Hi Tinker, I have been diagnosed as prediabetic too. Have you had any diabetic symptoms such as itching and celulitis? Take care Maximonkey

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Tinker26 in reply to Maximonkey

That's how I was diagnosed , itchy skin and going to the loo more often xx

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Maximonkey in reply to Tinker26

Thanks Tinker, I shall definitely mention it to the doctor. Take care, Maximonkey

I’ve been told I’m prediabetic but that was a while ago. Had no further blood test to confirm I’m anything other than prediabetic

Thank you...good to know!

I was diagnosed with steroid induced diabetes this time last year and am now on gliclaside and linagliptin. It is well under control now and almost prediabetic. A nuisance though!

I am on prednisolone and have the itching etc. I have frequent blood tests but so far there doesnt seem to be a problem thank goodness!

Yes I am steroid induced diabetes, along with adrenal gland insufficiency due to steroid use. I also have arthritis which is steroid induced too.I take metformin for my diabetes. I have to say the medical care I get for it has been wonderful. We are so lucky to get such care. I hope your well ?

Morning, I’ve been steroid induced diabetic for 3 years now, I’ve been on metformin since being diagnosed with no issues. At first I was checking my bloods and my sugar levels were between 18-24 I changed my diet slightly and now my bloods are between 4-7. Good luck and happy new year to you all xx

YES!! I am on 3 monthly blood sugar level tests at the moment as my levels are up and down. I am classed as pre diabetic but I do wander into the diabetic zone from time to time. A change of diet did help- more fibre and more of the good carbs. Daily walk. Drink lots of water. x Anita

Yes I have steroid induced diabetes. On metformin and levels are settling, but this has taken 2ywars. Also watch out for steroid induced cataracts. They grow very fast.

Yes I have used Prednisolone, for many years and I have been warned about the consequences one of which is inducing diabetes but my blood sugar levels have recently dropped again so we just monitor. These steroids slowly kill us but what is the alternative that works?

Hi Annie, I just take a steroid inhaler now but had had two serious hospitalisations in 2018 with massive steroid intake, also my father's side of the family is riddled with diabetes - one aunt was almost blind from it. I also have another condition which threatens the pancreas so its not just the steroids so lots of other possibilities for diabetes!

In 2019 my blood sugar went from normal in April up to 48 (lowest reading within the diabetic range) at xmas 2019. I got rid of all sugar and processed flour from my diet, i.e. biscuits cakes etc, plus other carbs like potatoes. And by June 2020 I was back to normal. Doubled up my exercise too. Oh and drinking water helps no end as Anita points out.

I loathe taking meds and didnt want to add another one to my (fairly small) list and that has helped keep me motivated! Im due another blood test shortly, hoping still normal. I think Im classed as diabetic in remission. Unless the blood sugar test shows Im not now! :)


Yes, I’ve got steroid induced Diabetes & it’s been impossible to get blood sugars properly controlled even with insulin die to the permanent steroid doses. I also suddenly developed Carracts too tho surgery was MIRACULOUS!

But, without the steroids, I wouldn’t be here..


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