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Chicken nugget launched into outer space.


In a unique way of celebrating 50 years since the launch of their first-ever store, supermarket Iceland have teamed up with experts Sent Into Space to launch one of their most popular products 110,000 ft above planet Earth.

The snack was launched near Iceland's head office in North Wales, and took just under 2 hours to reach peak altitude before plummeting back down.

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What a strange article. I’ve lost at least 5 months of this year and keep getting confused about what month it is. My first thought was, It’s an April fools! 🐔

So did I! And then I saw it was the Irish post …….. xx

2greys in reply to leo60

It is in the Daily Mail as well, but if I had posted that link I would have been accused of it being political. Like wanting to put a rocket under somebodies arse 🤣

leo60 in reply to 2greys

Hahahahaha!😂 Can’t think who you mean, but yes, best not to risk it 😉 xx

jmsutt73 in reply to 2greys


Even better than the tea bag that helped astronauts find and fix an air leak on the International Space Station.

Launching a chicken nugget into outer celebrate a birthday? It made no sense to me at all...until I read the hook. About it being "out of this world!" Lol! Good one. J

2greys in reply to jmsutt73

I endeavour post all sorts of different 'nuggets' of information :)

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