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Dyson Air Purifier


I am considering purchasing a Dyson air purifier. My question is does anyone think that these are worth the money as they are very expensive. Does it help with the breathing?

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My son brought me the Dyson air purifier and I agree it was expensive....... but I am really grateful and happy with mine. I used it one of the first times during that hot spell we had a week or two ago and I wouldn’t be without it. I can’t say how much it helps in fact I have it on every night, it on the floor by my bed (although you can put it on a bedside cabinet if you wish) I sleep better when it’s on, well according to my fit bit I do!

Anyway for what is worth I think they are good, but pricey.

Take care x

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I bought a Dyson purifier for the bedroom last year..

Husband said it was too expensive,but he wasn’t paying for it.

I use it when it’s hot / stuffy,I have found it helps me sleep a little better.

When I had an infection and was pouring sweat,I had it on high,which is a bit loud.

If it’s on 5or lower I can’t hear it.

I thought about it for months,it’s a lot of money,but. I feel that it improves my quality of life a little.i think it was worth the money.

But it’s your decision,

Take care

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I would say yes it is worth the money, Dyson has good after sales should anything go wrong,

I have the hot / cool purifer, so can cool the air when too hot and warm it on auto through the nights when temperatures are too cool. Its excellent for getting all impurities out of the air (including pollen) making for easier more comfortable breathing. I've had mine over 6 years now and still going strong, my change filter indicator light hasn't come on yet and I have used it every night as well summer and winter.

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I would say yes it's worth the money I've had mine for a year I use it in the bedroom sometimes had it on all night on low settings.

I am thinking of getting another one for the lounge they make easier breathing and purifying the air. I know they are pricey I thought about it for a long time.

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I have one ...the filter lasted me about a year, cost about £50 for a new filter .

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That’s very interesting been thinking about getting one as well. But they are very expensive but if it works....


I love my Dyson fans and have three all different ones just a tower fan which I use every night in the bedroom then I have an air purifier in the lounge and also a hot and cold one the tower fan I've had for five years and it's used every single night

If the Dyson was a bit less expensive that would have been my first choice, it also has a heat option. I did buy aHoneywell Tower blower which is very quiet and has been invaluable during the hot spell. It is very quiet has a remote and various speeds. A tenth the price of the Dyson I think but it is a bit flimsy. My husband and daughters think I should have gone for Dyson, but they weren't paying!

I have the Dyson Cool Me which was £299 and bought it as I was coughing all night due to Bronchiectasis but since using this I sleep without coughing. It is on the bed side cabinet only set to no 2 and I would not be without it.

Jenny, this product is a real winner. I live in Melbourne, Australia and during the bushfire disaster earlier this year it helped me stay alive. We had temperatures over 40 degrees celsius for weeks on end with scorching smoke in the air. I stayed in after a near collapse coming from Canberra which had at this time the worst air quality in the world to Melbourne by plane to more of the same. I spent the whole of January and February at home in front of the air purifier staying alive. My Dyson is portable, so I move it front room to room. My quality of sleep is as good as it can be with advancing IPF and organizing pneumonia which flares up when the lungs are further compromised. I love Dyson products, the vacuum cleaner picks up all the grit in the carpets unlike many other brands. I've done tests with friends who have other products and it wins hands down. I don't even work for the company! Whatever it takes to have quality of life is the right choice for me. Yes, Dyson products are very expensive but they are the best.

Stay safe in this time of Covid-19.


I bought one a month ago and wouldn't be without it ! My husband finds it invaluable during the night, if he wakes up struggling to breathe he switches up the fan which he usually has on low throughout the night and it does help a lot ! During the day I carry it into the living room , ( it is quite heavy and you need to be quite fit to do that ,it would be better if it had wheels !! )and use it to keep the air clear , it clearly shows the difference in air quality when I'm cooking and works quickly to clear the fumes. The biggest difference we ve seen is around 9-10 pm when my husband used to always feel bad , we realised that this was when the two of us plus two dogs had been sitting together for a number of hours . This is no longer a problem since we have kept the machine on low throughout the evening and hopefully it will help when we have visitors as having several people in the room also affected his breathing . There is a remote control so my husband can control it from his bed but I've also connected ours to our phones ( because the controls on there are bigger and easier to see ). It does seem a bit complicated at first but once used to it it's amazing ! It is expensive and my husband was reluctant to buy one but is very pleased he did 😀

I bought my mum one when she was in hospital and the drs said it was a very good idea. They told her to have it aimed at her cheek as it helps you breathing. It’s a sort of therapy apparently that is to do with triggering reactions which are learnt in the womb!

I bought one last year, fan not very good as proven by tests shown on tv. Took it back after 30 days use and got a full refund.

Hi I bought my son one of these and it's great..he can programme ot to come on in his absence and the air is cool and pure when he gets home (obviously not of late as he can't go out!!) but generally, they are very efficient...worth it in my opinion...good luck xx


I have had one for a year or two and honestly don't know if it helps with breathing or not. I always put it on if I'm cooking or if there is a whiff of anything outside. I do feel reassured by the green light though as that is indicative of good air quality and also reassured that if there is a fire nearby I can shut every door and window and sit near the purifier.

On balance I would say yes so hope that helps :)

We have three....I am in love with them.....they freshen the air....with the air running....I keep them at about 4...or it gets cold....1 of our is the heat and cool one....I recommend Dyson's to everyone!!

They are very much worth the money.....they are are on sale right now at a few places (U.S,).....actually thinking of purchasing another!!!


You will love it....odors....go quick!! Too....

Stay safe!!!!

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