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Symbicort 100/6 for COPD?


Hi. I've just been prescribed this inhaler in place of Fostair. I was diagnosed with COPD in 2010 after initial confusion as to whether I had Asthma. The tests confirmed COPD not Asthma. Reading the package leaflet it tells me this inhaler is SPECIFICALLY for Asthma! It doesn't even mention COPD!

In addition the leaflet says "talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using" the inhaler if:

a) you are diabetic - I am!

b) you have high blood pressure - I have had and take medication for it (Amlodipine and Bendroflumethiazide);

c) Diuretics - I understand Bendroflumethiazide is a diuretic.

My doctor isn't available until next Monday and we have a Dispensory not a Pharmacist. This is a rural area.

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Hi your dispensary will have a pharmacist in it or you could call the BLF help line they have qualified people to help with such enquiries. What sort of copd do you have this may make a difference to the advice given

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Some large hospitals have pharmacies, maybe give your hospital a ring.

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No one said what 'what sort' of COPD.

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Chronic Bronchitis or emphysema comes under the COPD banner, some people have a combination of both.

you could try interaction checker here:

Just enter your medicines to check.

As suggested try phoning the dispensing surgery and ask if you can speak with the pharmacist.

Good Luck

I have asthma and copd and this was prescribed for both. I found it worked well for me.


I'm sure your GP would have known all this before prescribing Symbicort. I have been using Symbicort for several years for severe COPD . The leaflet with this medication lists several ailments which I have - heart problems, hypertension etc. and gives the same advice as you have been given.

I fully trusted my GP as I am sure he would have been aware of any contraindications before prescribing. A lot of my medication (13 in all) would indicate contraindications and, yet, I have never suffered any adverse effects from any of the prescribed medication.

My own GP is brilliant but I know that if I rang him about what the keaflet says he would be well p****d off. You either trust your doctor or you don't.

Take Bkin's advice and use the link provided.

Good luck and be safe.


Symbicort is a combination inhaler consisting of formoterol and budesonide.

Formoterol is a long acting (12 hour) bronchodilator commonly prescribed for COPD .

If you have a possibility of Asthma element too, the budesonide works like Clenil or other steroid based preventers.

IMO it's a little unusual to move to it from Fostair which seems to be a 'go to' inhaler for mild/moderate copd. Was it giving you problems/not effective?

If the Symbicort works well for you, I'd stay with that.

The leaflet words are ar*e covering by the manufacturer, unlikely to cause you a problem given the millions of people with the same issues taking it and similar content inhalers.

Discuss with your GP if you're worried. If they're offended when that's what the leaflet says then you're with the wrong GP.

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PS - I know it's commonly prescribed for COPD. How? It was the first thing they tried me on and there's plenty on here reporting such.

There is a bit of trial and error to find the best treatment for individuals without a precise or mild/moderate diagnosis.

I don't know why it's omitted on the leaflet.

I'm sure it will be okay. I have asthma, copd, and high blood pressure and used symbicort for years. I believe most surgeries have an algorithm on their computer systems which highlights any contraindications. Of course, wait until you can check if you are worried. Good luck.

Hi. and thanks for all your helpful comments. I have managed to contact one of our surgery nurses who confirmed that Simbicort 100/6 is licensed for use with COPD and they have a module on their computers which flags up warnings of any drug interactions. So I have started using it today. But isn't it irresponsible of Astra Zeneca for excluding this information from their (supposedly trusted) package leaflets!

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