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Ok though given up on


Ok I just want to say as a person. Back this country . Had nothing but nightmares . Ok. I don’t have family . Any friends social services. Dumped me . 50 miles away a friend . I had made . 3 years ago . Alone with cat .carers can & go . Very lot wrong dioceses . But no trash nhs this mo bless but gov money . Never bothered before .

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Hi Balloo, it’s a difficult time....never in my lifetime have I known a situation like this, such fear and uncertainty ....but as you say thank goodness for the NHS.

Always someone here on this site who try and help as best they can, or refer people to relevant advisors.

If you need help with a breathing related problem the British Lung Foundation have a website and a helpline on 03000 030 555, open in the UK in office hours.

Take care....lots of cat lovers here.

Hi Balloo hope your coping during this very hard anti- social time. Hope you are getting plenty of support and have contact with a relevant support group in your area? Perhaps social services may recommend appropriate support groups that you can make friends in a similar situation to you. Of course cannot be face to face at the moment. If you’ve had a bad experience with someone from social services don’t give up( we all have at some point) talk again to your GP and ask/ insist on another referral for help. GPs may be more helpful in these times particularly if your mental health is being affected. I know you have knowledge in this area. Take care of you! You don’t get anything in this country without keep asking for it.


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