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Flares of COPD /chronic bronchitis


Hi , last year a CAT scan showed chronic bronchitis - signs of COPD. It made sense - getting shortness of breath/ used to smoke. But over the last 4 or 5 years I have regular bouts of extreme fatigue, inflammation and painful eyes ears throat, neck muscles and fever . Is this normal with COPD? It feels like flu, but seems not contagious- my husband never gets it. I get these same symptoms every couple of months - lasts 10 days about. I take nasal spray and loratadine for allergy in spring. Does this ring bells with anyone?

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Do you have any inhalers or something other than the medications for allergies? Are you still in Spain (which is nothing to do with anything other than me just wondering! I can't remember if you live there or were visiting)

Hello HungryHufflepuff - what a fab username !! Thank you for replying - no inhalers, just Loratadine tablet and a nasal spray - both antihistamine.

Yes I am in Spain in rural Andalucía - lots of olive pollen for sure. And it’s a dusty environment. This repeated flu (that probably can’t be flu because it happens outside the flu season) is a weird one. It’s not the most serious thing - and my COPD is only mild at the moment for which I am hugely thankful. However I can’t fathom if the two are related. I don’t recall my mum ever having flu and she had severe COPD.

The thing to remember with copd is that it does mess with your immune system so we are more susceptible to all sorts of other things. however I would get things checked out I have had various things colds coughs and other infections and viruses but nothing on that scale.

Ask if you are eligible for flu and pneumonia jabs I have had both over here in the uk.

Stay safe and well hope you are better soon.

Thank you Steve - I am waiting for my doctor to issue a blood test form. I have had both flu and pneumonia vaccines this year.

Would assume it is allergy if not for antihistamine I take and that my temp is higher than normal.

I don’t have a cough so don’t think it’s bronchitis. It’s a conundrum !

Hope you get sorted soon, be well

I get these sort of symptoms in summer. No idea what causes it, I have been told it is just allergies / autoimmunity / asthma. I take a high dose vit d3 and some herbal anti inflammatory because the gp won't prescribe anything.

Thank you - I am not the only one then. I have been taking vit D as well. I do eat lots of foods with anti inflammatory properties- lots of chilli ! But will check out herbal options.

Hope you have a good summer without the lurgi! Xh

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