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A hug from the hot tub


This made me laugh! They even put her in the hot tub!

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She looks a bit like she’s had a few too many glasses of wine!!

Brilliant! Xx😀

For once .... I'm quite speechless,

so maybe thats a good omen but I'm not a lover of hot tubs as they are a breeding ground for ecoli etc etc. Dont let me put you off though as it's only my slightly warped mindset !! Where are you ? In the UK?🐿🌈💕

Hahaha! Yes, down south....near Bournemouth!

Oh yes, Bournemouth brings back many happy memories for me. What a fantastic part of the UK you are lucky enought to live in. How have people been with keeping their distances etc etc on those wonderful Blue Flag Award beaches? 🐿🌈💕

Well I haven’t been out for 3 months so I have no idea...however the photos online were shocking yesterday and day before of a packed out beach! Not good!!!

It is lovely although I would never go into Bournemouth on my own, especially in an evening...I don’t feel very safe there these days! ...and I’m only 40!! They do have some great events though in the park& by the beach!

Yes its a double edged sword really when you put it like that dear madonbrew . Feeling unsafe isnt good but are you able to go out with friends and family? During the daytime can you go out and get your lungs full of the wonderful Bournemouth air? I dont know your age but are you a person who will go for a little paddle or are you the swimmer? 🐿🌈💕

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