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General anesthetic ?


These last months "as some may recall) I've been having a few problems with kidney stones, last oct I was lucky enough to rid myself of a 4mm stone the natural way.Since then my kidney stone quarry has produced a new 8mm stone that for the love of god will not pass naturally ( by the way anyone who gets or has had a kidney stone you have my upmost sympathy as you now know what pain is) .my consultant at the hospital arranged for the operation to be listed .

Last week I had my preoperative exam but was also sent to the anesthetic clinic to see the anesthesiologist, I know theres a problem with copd and general anesthesia but assumed an epidural was survice, lol I have been given yet again another potential life or death choice, my local anesthesiologist wont touch me because of my lungs but perhaps the regional hospital will under certain circumstances , she will discuss my case with her peers, it could be done perhaps with an icu bed on stand in case they have problems venting me or reinflating my lungs if they collapse , then we have a higher risk of infection or even though I'm not on oxygen now I might need it afterwards , you get my drift ? She wasnt selling this to me very well but it just kept coming and coming until it became almost a blur of negativity and then theres the old "there is a possibility of post operative death " which is higher than normal".

Living with a kidney stone has in itself problems,repeated infections, pain to name but two ,there are more personal ones which your all no doubt glad I'm not going to go into .

As copd takes its toll on us progressively and as much as we know ( or think we do) I'm still surprised at just how many cunning ways it has to " MESS WITH MY LIFE" , stay calm dave soothing thoughts m8 , my shakra is let's say unbalanced ( sorry I'm rambling) honestly though if copd was mike tyson I seriously think in the ring I'd have a chance to just hit back ,lol for about 3 seconds but those 3 seconds would last a life time .

So has anyone had a kidney stone removed who has severe copd ? I would really like to know , if anyone is still reading or hasnt yet pulled all their own hair out reading this by now well done, you have my admiration .

As always breath easy and fully , take care

Dave x

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I haven't Dave, But I feel for you. Just answered to send you My Best Wishes for your awful Dilemma. Stay Safe Hun. XXX C.

soulboy118 in reply to Hacienda

X thanks

My husband who has very severe emphysema has suffered with kidney stones for years. He currently has 2 - one 6 mm and a smaller one . He cannot have them operated on for reasons you mentioned but has antibiotic therapy. He takes one tablet every night. Fortunately he doesn’t normally have any pain but his urine is often discoloured. I’ve read online that magnesium is good for getting rid of them but my husband is not well enough to experiment on though I occasionally give him a magnesium drink made from a soluble tablet. Maybe worth reading up on and asking the doctor. Hope you find someone who’s actually had an op. I know they can be lasered but presuming you need an anaesthetic for that.

You’re right as if COPD isn’t enough of a challenge.

Take care


soulboy118 in reply to Corin1950

Thanks, very helpful, give my regards to ur hubby x

I can empathise with your situation, having been in exactly the same position with a lung cancer removal op. with an absolutely dire mortality risk factor attached. Fortunately there was the option of radiotherapy. I think there maybe an alternative option for you, a non-invasive ultrasound treatment, " Shock wave lithotripsy (SWL)" to break up the stone so you can pass it out. It has to be worth asking about.

soulboy118 in reply to 2greys

Thanks 2greys, I have yet to have any other alternative treatment offered but the subject was broached with the anesthesiologist, I'll phone my urologists secretary to get me an appointment to discus this and hopefully other treatments

Hopalong in reply to 2greys

Please pardon my butting in, but I'm sure I saw this on one of the medical/hospital programmes? So I Googled it, simply by putting in "Shock wave lithotripsy (SWL)"? It all seems to be there to read, although you have to inform them if you're on blood thinners or if you're pregnant....?

Good luck. 🤞👍

soulboy118 in reply to Hopalong

That's me out then HH ( and your not butting in) I'm due in 3 months 😉 x

That's why I mentioned it? I thought you were looking a bit 'plump'? 😂

Hey, that's a sore point , I'm 34" waist now after a life time ( well up to 12mths ago) of being a 30" , mind you I stopped congratulating girls on being pregnant years ago lol a black eye usually followed when i was wrong x

Hello Dave, 👋

What a dilemma. I am sorry to hear this. I can't help you with your question but I just want to say I hope there is a relatively painless solution. Please do update is when you are able. Take good care.

Cas xx 🍀🌿

soulboy118 in reply to Caspiana

Thanks for the concern cas. I'm sure it will be sorted safety and I've already found out some info by watching a lsw operation on utube , I hope your ok , you seem to be adjusting to ur new lungs well psychologically and this horrible cv19 lockdown .

Stay safe and best wishes to your family x

I read your post Dave and was going to mention shock wave therapy but see I’ve been beaten to it. There just has to be a solution without all that overwhelming negativity. Hope you get some positivity very soon and that kidney stone gets zapped.

Thinking of you.. xxxx 😘

soulboy118 in reply to sassy59

Thanks sassy , x

My mum has copd and aged 81 had general anaesthetic for hip replacement. No post op problems either. She's 84 now and doing ok. I know we are all different and best to have an alternative to general anaesthetic if possible but I mention it to show it's done in some instances. Hope you get on ok with treatment, best wishes.

soulboy118 in reply to Lemon7

Thanks x

Hello Dave,

I have problems all the time with the hospital and anaesthesia. I can only say, that whilst I was working in Germany and had a WHOLE lot of operations, they never had a problem with me and anaesthesia in spite of my copd and 1 lung!! I just can't understand the problems they throw at you here!

Sorry, Dave, I know how you feel!

It baffles me!

Have a good Sunday👍😊

Thanks x

Go abroad for it!!! Oh I forgot we’re in a pandeu

How cruel you can be , lol, I've missed my feb jaunt abroad this year and looks like my oct one is in doubt as well , grrrr oh well more pennies in the bank I suppose

How awful!!! Really feel for you. I’ve had a general (albeit 4 years ago - I’ve had copd for 10 years) in a private hospital. I was really surprised they won’t do this and their concerns ???

And yes it’s enough having copd but this??? Baffles me especially as there is other therapies.

This isn’t great I really feel for you .

I've just been looking on utube at a different operation that uses shockwaves to break up the stone which seems much safer , I'll contact my consultant and discuss this with her.

Hope your ok and enjoying this sunny weather although today it's much cooler today, I bet the cats are enjoying this weather better as well.

Stay safe kate x

I really feel for you !!! It’s one thing (huge) having copd and living in a pandemic- however having some other ailment (putting it lightly albeit) is frightening- especially when you’re told no anesthetiser under general!!! Wth? I have to have colonoscopies every so many years - the last time was so painful they couldn’t do it and said to me you’ll have to have a general next time???

Anyway on a lighter note - yes the cats are loving all the doors open into the garden - no cat flap exits 😂. And I enjoy their company In The garden as I chat away to them like the crazy I am !!

Take care David

Oh god , arent sigmoidoscapy and colonoscopy awful , I had both 3 years ago and still pull a certain face whenever I hear those words , ( the word violated comes to mind it sends a shiver through me,.

I'm glad the cats are happy , are you fluent in car now ? They can be the most loving of creatures as long as the status quo is maintained , with them in charge obviously .

Nice chatting kate .

Fluent erm not quite working progress I think 🤔

I'm sure they appreciate you trying 😊

Hi Dave, the joys of copd, bronchiectasis etc. My anethesist gave me the ok for bowel tumour operation last Friday but the wait goes on, as you said I need a icu bed available just in case., good luck. Jane

Thanks jane ,good luck with your op .

Just to say how sorry I am ..... I’ll wish you somehow manage to pass it in your sleep .... painlessly! How about under hypnosis? I know I know I’m going ...... 😀

soulboy118 in reply to Gladwyn

I think I've more chance of passing that stone ,painlessly in my sleep as james dean has of ever getting behind a steering wheel again lol , but thanks for the concern 🙂

I heard that if you ride on a roller coaster it makes you pass your kidney stones. The only drawback here is the roller coasters are probably all shut at the moment. And, you'd have to ride a roller coaster which to me has always seemed like the worst kind of torture so I've never been on one. 🎢

Wishing you all the best.

Just curious if you know what your FEV1% of predicted is, in other words how severe are you? I assume that would make a difference. It certainly is concerning as I am sure you would not want to end up in any of the situations they list.

I'm severe with 19% lung capacity left

How awful for you. I was taught kidney stone are one of the worst pains you can have.

soulboy118 in reply to Ergendl

Oh it is, it's awful, makes you want to vomit it's that bad

Ergendl in reply to soulboy118


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