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Sterilisation NHS PPE


Morning folks, does anyone know why PPE equipment like gloves etc are not sterilised for reuse when they can be? Doesn’t make sense when there’s a struggle throughout the world to get new supplies.

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No idea James. The PPE is to be reused apparently, that’s the suggestion anyway.

Stay safe xxx

James48 in reply to sassy59

Thank you Sassy and same to you!

Not sure James but I heard that gowns lose their water resistance and would allow fluids to pass through. Sure gloves could be sanitized though

James48 in reply to scotagee

Thanks Scotagee!

Most PPE is designed to be single use only. Some gowns are made of a paper like material and if you wash them they fall apart.

James48 in reply to Badbessie

Thanks Badbessie!

Any gowns gloves masks and PPE equipment are single use only

They can not and should not be re used cleaned or otherwise .

The above is according to manufacturers guidelines ...the gowns are waterproof but it soaks through rendering unsafe to use .

We used to use cloth gowns drapes which were washed sterilised and reused but they were taken of the nhs in the late 90 s to make room for single use items ..crazy to be honest but that's guidelines for you 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️💕

I completely agree with you Blackbird.. Let's get back to basics once again!

Should never have been taken away in my honest opinion cloth gowns and wraps were amazing but hey ho I'm retired now so have no claim to make suggestions 😂💕

Who knows, after this experience things may change and those " old fashioned

things" could make a welcome return.

Without a doubt they would make a vast difference to things that are happening today

James48 in reply to Blackbird6

Thanks Blackbird!

James48 in reply to Blackbird6

Thanks Blackbird!

Like everything, it's a lot more complicated than you think it is. The article doesn't say, but i can't think why polypropylene gowns can't be washed. They aren't woven.

James48 in reply to Inamoment

Thanks inamoment. Quite a read and as other peeps have said - more complicated than it seems!

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