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Advice appreciated


Hi I have had a bad chest for 6 days now and after having a course of antibiotics and steroids feel no better. My GP has now said I have pleurisy and put me on new antibiotics. My chest and ribs hurt so much when I cough and I can't sleep. Any advice would be appreciated . I'm a 62 yr old female. Thank you.

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Hi I have had a number of episodes of pleurisy. The pain can be horrible and annoying. Over the years I have found the only things that help me is rest and a gentle heat over the painful area. Heat patches or the rice filled micro wave bags are very good. Sadly it may take some time to clear. I have learnt that rushing recovery only prolonged the symptoms. I found holding a cushion to my chest when coughing did ease the pain to some degree. Take care

Thanks so much for your reply. Your so right in saying rest is definitely needed. Brilliant idea re: the weather bag will pop mine in microwave before bed. Thanks again. Gill.

You have my sympathy Davidkarl2boys . It is excruciating and it takes time to heal. Like Badbessie said a hot 🔥 pack will help immemsely. I also found sleeping at an angle, slightly sitting up helps a lot. Wishing you a speedy recovery. xx 👋😊

Also, try sleeping on the affected side, with a soft pillow underneath. Change position regularly to help prevent fluid build-up. You have my sympathy, pleurisy pain is so sharp and stabby.

My husband find wrapping a scarf around him sort of like a brace helps a bit when coughing. Hope you feel better soon xxx

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