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Dr Scruff's virus advice


To all cats out there,Dr Scruff's informative video will be available on cat tv soon so watch this space.In the meantime you would do well to follow her guidance now.

1.On no account assume that your human slave is not a carrier and lick paws thoroughly after each and every encounter for at least 30 seconds purring here kitty kitty twice whilst doing so.

2.Only accepts treats offered if your slave is masked up and wearing gloves

3.Accept only Tuna from sustainable sources such as Asda or Sainsbury's,Lidel substitutes will not do

4.Make sure your slave washes your bedding daily or better still tell them to vacate their bed for your own use.

5,Beware of other infected cats in your garden,even that handsome Tom who is bound to be a carrier

6.Discard of all tissues by shredding and integrating with your discarded hair into the slaves best furnishings

7.Most importantly if your slave wishes to take you to a vet avoid it like the plague that will almost certainly be there and call catline for advice.Expect at least a 4 hour delay in answering.

Take care my 4 legged furry friends, :)

Love Scruff's and a missing presumed infected slave xxx

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So so funny...xxx

skischool in reply to ledge

She is deadly serious or as serious as a cat can be ledge. :) x

ledge in reply to skischool

I have no doubt about that.

We are here to do their bidding...its like the joke three animals arrive in heaven at the same time and stand at the foot if Gods throne. So God asked the biggest the horse what would he like..the horse replied.. a big field full of green grass. The dog was next abd his reply was to be able to watch ovet his master. Finally it was the cats turn what would she like. The cat gave God a withering stare and said... my seat back...you're sitting on it.

skischool in reply to ledge

Love it and a perfect example. :) x

That was hilarious! You’re a genius Scruffs but don’t tell your slave I said that........he gets jealous! Xxx 😹😻😼😽

skischool in reply to sassy59

Scruff's reckons your the best thing since sandwich tuna Cassy and when the slave succumbs to the plague she will soon be joining you. :) xx

sassy59 in reply to skischool

Wow meow! Thank you Scruffs, you’re welcome here anytime. To look after you would be just purrrfect. Xxx 👍😘

Dr Scruffs Is a star?

Look after your slave .

Look after yourselves.

skischool in reply to Oshgosh

Scruff's is concerned for all of us as without slaves how would pampered cats survive. :) x

Sitting next to the cat that pops in for extra snacks very ginger and gorgeous gives me cuddles lives somewhere else but I still love him. XX Likes corona with biscuits and tuna x

skischool in reply to soul-123

Don't we all?ok us slaves do like a bit of mayonnaise with the tuna but we are quite fussy creatures. :) x

FUNNY. Just made my Princess her afternoon cup of Tea, She like the Mama Mia Cup, I had the Biscuits, She knows everything just like your Scruffy. We Bought her Body Wipes & Eye Wipes from Wilco and aim to protect her, as been mentioned Animals can carry Corona, Won't stop me Kissing her. xxxx

skischool in reply to Hacienda

Don't forget to gargle afterwards Carino with plenty of vino. :) xxx

Hacienda in reply to skischool

🐕leading the way🍷🙀🍷🙀xxx😘😘😘

Janzo54 in reply to Hacienda


Yes I think we all just care especially about pets or animals that just pop in for food and shelter but hey ho lets hope we all keep safe having a glass of blossom hill .ginger cat snoring next to me X

skischool in reply to soul-123

Gosh you don't muck around,a very early starter Soul and i have not even finished my morning brew. :) x


Thank you for making me smile, hope you are well Scruffs and make sure your slaves does as you say. Have a lovely evening and take care of yourself and your slaves 🤣 Bernadette xx

skischool in reply to Damon1864

My pleasure Bernadette says Scruff's,you sound like a very nice slave and they are few and far between so take care yourself as i may soon need a replacement. :) xx

😂😂 👏

So funny Mike. I tried to adopt a very sad and dirty cat, tempted it with tuna but the rascal bit me, so that was the end of that, will stay away from our feline friends x

skischool in reply to Izb1

Irene,it was probably Scruffy,so now i know where she once lived? :) xx

Spot on. Recalibrate for Zebras.

Kate and a Zebra who now calls the tune.

Xxx 🦓💕

skischool in reply to Katinka46

Zebra has more stripes than you kate so obviously she out ranks you in the grazing order of life. :) xx

This is such a fun Forum it just makes me happy reading through all the replies. Chrys.

Animals and pets make life better,

Scuff's is now your number 1 fan and has you earmarked for slavery in the future. :) x

I'll most happily succumb to any commands..........

You know what they say Skis - dogs have owners, cats have staff. :)

skischool in reply to O2Trees

I should have taken in a stray field mouse,even if i fed it on parmesan it would have been cheaper and less hassle. :) xx

O2Trees in reply to skischool

Just remember you were chosen because you are special Skis :D :D

skischool in reply to O2Trees

Said with the manipulative charm of a feline. :) xx

O2Trees in reply to skischool

Wot, me??

Oshgosh in reply to skischool

You’re obviously a well trained slave then . Happy. Days

Really great advice!!!! Meow.

skischool in reply to Crystal9

Crystal clear i would say. :) x

Daisy cat AKA Sleek/ Miss Slimkins/Diddicat/pusskin of love etc etc

Compurrs with all advice especially avoiding the VET and calling 'Feline' if your slave tries to do so. She suggests increased use of tuna lattes along with extra treats (sweets) to keep stamina up. Oh yes and fermented herring!

skischool in reply to DaisyEric

Daisy,i woke feeling not to bad apart from the pungent aroma of fermented herring.now where could that have come from? :) x

DaisyEric in reply to skischool

Oh dear me Skis profuse apologies!

Clears the nasal passages though...…….

😂😂😂Very good 🐅🐅🐆x

skischool in reply to Shirleyj

Shirley,judging by your avatar your cat is heavily disguised,cunning creatures are they not. :) x

Shirleyj in reply to skischool


Ingenious skis. Love the photo. x Anita

On a more serious note one of our local schools has been closed for a deep clean as a child has been in contact with a couple infected with coronavirus .

Anita,not good news i fear and i hope it's just a precaution and the school soon reopens but i expect that sort of news will become the norm over the next few weeks?:( xx

Love it!!😂

skischool in reply to Aingeful

Scruff's thankfully has retired to her research facility under the garden shed,no doubt to reappear with more good advice in the future. :) xx

DaisyEric in reply to skischool

I very much hope so!

You are so funny skis. I can't imagine you being a slave to anything. Scruffs must lead a purrfect life like royalty. He sure has got you where he wants you. I had a good chuckle reading this. 🐱🐱 xx

Margarette,we aim to raise chuckles as often as possible and start an epidemic of laughing ,it's that or go under with the doom and gloom. :) xx

Well, laughed my socks off. I passed this advice Holly, our cat. She has now posted it on ‘Cat Chat’. and I think it gone virus, sorry I’m meant viral.

skischool in reply to garibaldon

Scruff's apologises and more socks are in the post to you at this very moment in time. :) x

Well thank you DrScruff master, I’m gonna take my chances in the slave/human world but you sound like you’re as paranoid as all the spooked American cats. Just stay away from Asian restaurants and out of strange trash cans and you’ll be fine🤙🏼 Have some catnip and relax🤣

Shocking xenophobia says Scruffy cat.some of my best friends are Persian and Siamese. :) x


Our pleasure Hummingbird we hope it brightened your day. :) x

Hahahahaha 😂 Chom wants to know if dogs can use these same guidelines minus the yucky tuna? 🐟 xx 😅

skischool in reply to Caspiana

I think it is time for Chom to publish his own directives specifically relating to the canine world my dear. :) xx

Caspiana in reply to skischool

I will prompt him with his favourite cookies. 🍪 😊

On behalf of scruffy


skischool in reply to Chriskho

Love it Chris,image saved as i type,Scruff's will be delighted. :) x

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