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Fear virus in Scotland


Have obviously been following the outbreak in China. News update there are fears the virus has hit Scotland. Please keep watch the news.

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Thank you Emily for the warning. You be careful too have a good day and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

"Four people being tested in Scotland for suspected coronavirus after travelling from China"


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Thanks Em for this News, Not seen any News Today. Lets hope it is under Control. Love to you Hun. XXX C.

I didn't know that. I've been at work all day (& still am) It is scary how quickly and how far this virus has already spread.


Hi emily. Not great news for us living and breathing in Scotland. We are all watching and listening to local broadcasts just now. Hope no more arise as we have no testing lab here everything has to be sent down south for testing which takes longer as you can imagine . Keep well Maz

Would have been an idea to text people before they entered our country sometimes I wonder if anyone actually thinks !!!

That was tests not texts

Very scary how quickly these viruses spread

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