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First of all,many thanks for your support,prayers and good wishes. Dee had her major 10 hour op yesterday and has come through it all with the tumour removed! They have had to reconstruct veins that it was attached to etc and I am in awe of the surgeons involved. There is also no signs that the cancer has spread. From now on she will be a diabetic but at least she will still be with us,! We are all still shell shocked but will enjoy ourselves tomorrow in celebration.Dee still has a long road to recovery but my brave daughter will do it! This was taken this morning.

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I'm so very pleased for you all, Dee looks fantastic, hope she has a quick recovery. Enjoy your Christmas and take care of yourselves 🤗 Bernadette xxxxx

Aingeful in reply to Damon1864

Thanks Bernadette. Enjoy your day too.xx

Such fantastic news Aingeful. That’s what Christmas is all about.

Have a great day tomorrow and wishing Dee well on her road to recovery. Xxx 💖😘🎄

Aingeful in reply to sassy59

Thanks Sassy. Best gift ever!X

We are all delighted for you both. What a Christmas gift! A long way to go but she's come through the worst and can look forward now. So delighted. Keep us posted. My very best wishes to you both. Chrys

Thank you Chrys,all the best to you too.xx

Brilliant news and thank you for letting us know.your Dee is a very brave lady and deserves that break so wishing her a speedy recovery.:)

Ski's and Scruff's x

Aingeful in reply to skischool

Thanks Skis. Her surgeon is involved with something called Enhanced Recovery. I read up on him and he is highly experienced! So lucky to have people like this in our NHS!xx

skischool in reply to Aingeful

She has had major surgery but thankfully done by a very skilful man and many more exist within the Nhs if we fund them properly. :) x

Yay!!! 👏👏👏👏 The best Christmas present in the whole world!! Well done Dee! I am so happy for you Aingeful . Happy Christmas to you and your family. xx 💓💓💓

Aingeful in reply to Caspiana

Thanks Caspiana,the same to you.xx

Brilliant news! A wonderful Christmas present for you all. Your daughter is looking amazing and it's incredible to think she had a 10 hour operation only yesterday. What a relief for you to know that now you can look to the future with pleasure.

Have a marvellous Christmas with all your family. xx

Aingeful in reply to annienell

Thanks Annie, all the best to you too.Life without Dee is unthinkable,I am so grateful to all concerned.xx

I’m so happy to hear this good news. Wishing your daughter a good recovery. Sending lots of good wishes to you all 😊

Thanks HH. Have a lovely Christmas.xx

Thank you for letting us know I have been thinking of you. What great news and she looks so well in the photograph. Here’s to as bump free a road as possible ahead xxx

Aingeful in reply to Thomac

Thanks Thomac ,that's what we are all wishing for.xx

Hope your daughter recovers from her surgery soon Aingeful and best wishes to you x

Aingeful in reply to joyce74

And the same to you joyce!🎅xx

Great News Aingeful, and a Happy & All Clear Dee , There is your Christmas Present Hun, the Best Smile in the World. Sending lots of Love to you Both. Happy Christmas and a New Start for Dee in 2020. Love n Hugs. C. XXXX

Aingeful in reply to Hacienda

Thanks so much,so grateful to everyone,the outcome could have been unthinkable! X

Looking great, and very good news indeed. Wishing a speedy recovery.

Aingeful in reply to Rayswife

Thank you! Merry Christmas!!🎅xx

The best ever Christmas present for both of you :) As for the diabetes, well it is such a small price to pay for the gift of life. Well done to her surgeon as well.

Aingeful in reply to 2greys

Its wonderful.Such a tiny percentage are even operated on!So so lucky! X

Great news merry christmas .

And to you!🎅xx

Wonderful news. Enjoy your Christmas. Wishing Dee and you all a wonderful new year. It will be challenging for her at times, but with your support she will sail through.

Thanks ergendl. Have a lovely Christmas. X

Wishing you a speedy recovery Dee xx

Thank youxx

What a perfect Christmas present and giving hope to so many. Thank you for the update and a speedy trouble free recovery to Dee x

Aingeful in reply to Dids49

Wonderful miracle! Thank you.xx

Dids49 in reply to Aingeful

Let's hope for more miracles xx

Wow. What a xmas present that is. So pleased all went well. Hope you both enjoy the day and hope Dee goes from Strength to strength in her recovery in the New Year xxxx

Aingeful in reply to Bingo88

Thank you,have a lovely christmas.xx

Fantastic news. I wish Dee a speedy recovery and a happy and healthy 2020 to you all. God bless you all. Big Cwtches (hugs) from Wales xx Sheila xx

Aingeful in reply to garshe

Big christmas Cwtches to you as well! xx

Wishing you all well, happy, healthy 2020 too x

Aingeful in reply to Lemon7

Thanks,same to you! X

that picture made my Christmas... I bet it made yours even more.

Greets and love to you all

Aingeful in reply to ledge

We saw her on face time tonight,we were having our usual christmas family day.It was lovely and was very emotional for all of us.It could all have been so different! X

Wishing Dee all the best for her recovery, she is a brave lady. Love x

Aingeful in reply to Lyd12

♥️ Thank you.xx

What a fantastic Christmas and New year present

Aingeful in reply to Dilly2

Yes,it is! X

Best christmas present ever. Speedy recovery. Have a good christmas.

Aingeful in reply to Louiss

Thanks and to you as well.xx

Brilliant, fabulous Christmas gift. Blessings.


Aingeful in reply to Catnip

We have been so blessed!xx


Aingeful in reply to JANET127

Thanks! Same to you.xx

Brave lady.look after yourselves.

Aingeful in reply to Oshgosh

Thank you.xx

Wonderful news xxxjo

Aingeful in reply to Jomo46

Yes it is! X

Bless your heart Dee! I pray for your quick and complete recovery.

Aingeful in reply to Bettz

Thanks Bettz. The prayers are working! X

Thanks Redsocks same to you.xx

Wow, she looks fantastic. What a warrior! Lovely Christmas present for you all. Here’s to better health in 2020. x

Aingeful in reply to crashdoll

I wish better health for all of us.xx

Gosh amazing ......sending her and you love💖💕💕xx

Aingeful in reply to Kittykat2

Thank you.xx

That is wonderful news. Keeping you both in my prayers for a good recovery

Aingeful in reply to corriena

Thank you.xx

Amazing, brilliant news Aingeful. It must be a great relief for you all. Dee is so tough - a chip of the old block I reckon. Wishing Dee a smooth recovery.

With love


Thanks Cofdrop. She is improving day by day .They are trying to wake her digestive system up at the moment with small amounts of food. X

This is fantastic news. All best wishes and a VERY Happy and HEALTHY New Year to you all x

Thanks Dedalus the same to you.xx

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