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Not another chest infection


Just finished a course of antibiotics last thursday. Now coughing again like a trouper. Saw GP Tuesday said my chest sounds clear. ’ oh by the way my chest always sound clear’ so told to finish the course. I also mentioned that I usually have 2 weeks course but was given one week supply.

I may call 111 tonight as no appointments available today.

Last saw respiratory consultant in December and said would see me in 3 months. Now 9 months. Asked by PN to call hospital to bring forward the appointment. Told I’m no where near the beginning of the waiting list waiting for a review. What's happening to the NHS!

If it gets worse will attend A&E as advised by the GP who spoke to me on the phone 2 weeks ago.

I don't have any rescue antibiotics at home all used up. GP not keen to prescribe anymore

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Just been reading that you use beni Pali. I do yo fir my RA, however, I do not think arthritis pain is any better after 5 months, however there seems to be great improvement on the emphysema front. It's so frustrating, I have a rheumatologist appt in September and I am considering stopping the beni as the arthritis is really bad. Have you had an improvement in your arthritis? I really need some info in all of this mess, don't want to feel worse so any help folks would be appreciated. Jane

Yes I have but keep getting chest infections so having to stop treatment when antibiotics when pain and swelling increase. Currently I have cultured pseudocode. I have bronchiectasis.

I can't speak to my rheumatology doctor they just say at appointments to stop benepali and methotrexate while on antibiotics.

Right Mathilda, now is the time to bite the bullet.

Do not call the hispital booking system. They are there simply to fill in slots on a computer and have no interest in you.

Do not call the clinic you attended for the same reason.

Find out the consultant's secretary and phone them. They are the 'fixers' in the whole thing and are usually very nice as they like to be thought of as top of the heap.

Tell the sec that The Consultant wabted to see you in 3 months and that it us niw 9 months and no sign of sn appointment. This fact us definitely NOT going to please the con. On top of this you feel absolutely lousy and he or she will want to deal with this, especually as your GP is obviously out of their depth with hiw to treat bronch. Ask her to fit you in as you are desperate. Beg if you have to but my guess us that if you are really nice as well as desperate the sec will get you the appt. Good luck. We REALLY are forced to look after our own interests.

Really does sound as though you needed that second week of antibiotic. I am fortunate enough that I can just re-order my rescue pack as and when I need to will your GP not put yours on a repeat prescription for you? It is so hard these days for people like us when appointment times are hard to come by. I hope you get sorted and do not get any worse

I too have a gp who I'm sure is single handedly saving the NHS thousands in not giving out meds when asked. Won't give me rescue meds - have to go and see him- wouldn't give me my reliever inhaler as I'm ON FOSTAIR. So I go and see a different gp and get them He really doesn't understand the condition. I have just had the awful cough for a few weeks - seems to be fizzling out- I find Jacksons throat and chest lozenges a help. Take care Anita x

Thank you for your replies

My GP was taken over by a larger GP earlier this year. It's since this merger that I've had a problem with prescriptions especially dose and length of duration although respiratory specialist letters say so.

Had an appointment last week and said my chest sounds clear so wasn't keen to prescribe anymore antibiotics.

I can't get an appointment for at least 2 weeks now so I may need to attend A&E if my symptoms worsen.

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