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Bees set up hive in professor's cello


These Bee stories from aunty beeb just made me Habee,i hope they make you happy too.

Love Ski's and Scruff's xx

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🐝 I’m buzzing after that skis. Thank you. Xxx 🐝👍

skischool in reply to sassy59

Being the bees knees Cassy i didn't doubt you would enjoy those little stories. :) xx

sassy59 in reply to skischool

Too true honey xxxx 😂😘💖


skischool in reply to soul-123

Was that the sound of bees or you having an early night after your vino session? :) x

skischool in reply to 2greys

Love it,i would book them for my next birthday party but nobody will Bee there. :)

Hacienda in reply to skischool

I'll Buzz By Carino. xxx

skischool in reply to Hacienda

Don't forget to bring the honey :) xx

soul-123 in reply to skischool

zzz we would bee there even after a snooze zzz

May bee its me but that pic gives me the e bee g bee 's

Good post on this sunny Bee.... waspy type of day !💕X

Ps.... Don't like Bee's or wasps x

skischool in reply to Kittykat2

Oh Kittykat i can understand the wasps but we must convert you into beeing a bee fan. :) x

2greys in reply to skischool

A bee fan, that's novel, sitting on the end of your nose to keep you cool.

skischool in reply to 2greys

You hive a vivid imagination :)

skischool in reply to Kittykat2

You are not the only one who is not to keen on bees as the cricketers can testify. :) x

Kittykat2 in reply to skischool

Eek that looks scary lol 😁😬 💕X

The Bees kneeeees x

Its all about the honey not the money!

skischool in reply to soul-123

Both will bee appreciated. :)

Busy bee delivering the honey and money at the nearest airport especial delivery zzzzzzzzzzzz

skischool in reply to soul-123

Well honey i have to Bee going as i reckon you lot have had far too much sunshine. :) xx

definitely gone straight to my head goodnight all that bees wax X

Sorry last one the B gees

Theres alot of buzzing going on around here, time you were in your hives, and must agree with Kittykat, the picture gives me the e bee g bees, but I like bees all fuzzy x

skischool in reply to Izb1

Well Irene,Scruff's wasn't too keen on her selfie pic and has now ditched the wings and is doing a lap sitting protest to try and stop me accessing my communication machine so please accept this left handed reply. :) xx

Izb1 in reply to skischool

She's bee ing clever and making sure she gets some honey, but could be tempted with sardines, smart girl x

Nowt wrong with bee ing left handed I say .......been like it all my life 😏😏😊💕X

Like bees around the honey pot xxz

That bee cat in infinitely more creepy than any vampire cat. 🙀

I totally agree,i even frightened myself downloading it and i don't think i would like to meet the person who created the image. :( x

i don't think a saucer of milk or a dreamie would pacify it :)

I sometimes think my mind goes to weird places, but some people’s minds go to places mine can’t even imagine. In fact I was so perturbed I forgot to use my bee emoji 🐝

There you go again,flashing off your emojis,have some sympathy for us emoji deprived folk :(

Yes I made a beeline for my emojis. 🍯

Incidentally my cats like Dreamies too and those Seaside Mix snacks. 🍱

Scruff's is not impressed with dreamies or most of the other so called treats though she is rather partial to Sainsburys cheaper nibbles and the softer webbox stick things,that was an hour ago and her tastes like her moods may well have changed by now,she also hates milk and catnip in fact i think she may even be a dog in disguise, :)

My cats don’t like fish flavoured things. Their current favourite is those Lick-e-Lix things which I don’t think I spelled correctly, the tiny sachets of chicken flavoured yogurt stuff. It can be difficult to keep up with a cat’s favourite thing of the moment 😸

Exactamente,i actually use those likky lick things to liven up her already top of the range grub.i reckon she could survive on juice as apart from being dentally challenged she can't be bothered to chew anything other than tinned tuna.she has become a very expensive accessory in my life lol :)

A swell article, humming with pointed and sweet flights in bumbling yellow jackets.

skischool in reply to mellyme

I believe that the picture on the post is not dissimilar to creatures that are probably hovering quite close to you at this very moment mr melley and you thought you had problems at ground level? :) x

mellyme in reply to skischool

Perhaps you need to bee smoked to sleep.

skischool in reply to mellyme

i am tempted to partake of herbal remedies but given i am doing nothing in my life at the moment i am forcing my body to accept denial at least until the weekend when i will communicate further with my good friend. :)

mellyme in reply to skischool


That thing looks pretty terrifying

A wasp got up my sleeve the other so I am a it nervy about buzzing. Not quite epi pen stuff but they can be nasty. The bees ignore me, and we have a lot! Have a lovely weekend and breathe easy

You to Stamford and enjoy those bees :) x

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