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CT scan tomorrow-results?


Hello this is my first post. I had an immunosuppressant treatment for MS in September 2018. I had a viral cough after a month which resolved end of November. In February I had a lung function test. I saw a respiratory consultant two weeks ago and he said the test showed my lung function is about 70%. I am having a CT scan of the lung tomorrow which he requested to find the cause of this but I'm not due to see him again until the end of July. Would I get any result before then or do I have to wait til July? Also would it show if the treatment was the cause of the reduced lung function? It can cause blood clots and pnemonitis but I had a d diner test in November which showed very unlikely to have a clot. I had not felt great since the treatment in September, some tachycardia and thought it was heart related. Cardiologist said heart ok but I'm on Bisoprolol for high pulse and feel abit breathless at times and very pale/ purplish complexion. Was on propanalol but swapped over after GP stopped propanalol and I felt awful. Im 49 and otherwise fit with type 1 diabetes. Would I have symptoms with 70% lung function. I feel like I am going mad as I keep going to drs saying I dont feel like I am getting enough oxygen and my heart rate is going high when I'm doing a little exercise, and they are telling me I am fine. Any advice/knowledge gratefully received. I know very little about lung tests/issues. I was used to going running every day so was fit before all this.

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I meant to say I also have a dull ache across my chest area and chest wall is quite tender.

What a horrid cauldron of nasties you are having to deal with. I can’t really help, just offer loads of love and support. This is a brilliant forum and the members are very friendly, informative and supportive.

Come on here and have a good moan. We all need to do it. And we are good with our virtual tissues and hugs.

K 💕🌷

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Thank you that's very kind. it is a horrible time for me at the moment. X

Hello and welcome. Best wishes for your scan tomorrow 💐

Thank you ❤️

Hi Molly. 😁 Always a worrying time when you have little idea of what to expect. It's easy to say don't worry because of course you will but take it all a step at a time. Come here often and talk with us. We all have been through similar. *HUG* Cas xx 🙋🐕


Im in exactly the same boat for the last 3 years im 39 everything you described applies for me including the medication for high blood pressure. Chest discomfort etc

Same ny o2 is ok but not great 96 97%

Lung function 90%

Ct scans x2 didn't confirmed anything

Bronchoscopy negative

I have very high heart rate when exercise im playing tennis and heart rate hits 160to 180

Again doctors telling me im ok but i know im not

Hope.you will have more luck than me in finding what's wrong

Best of luck


Hi Mollypet and welcome to the site. What a worrying time for you, hope you get to the bottom of it and soon, dont give up and keep pushing for answers x

Hi there and a belated welcome Mollypet and I'm glad you have found this forum. You can see that even if members here haven't experienced exactly what you want some help with,answer wise,they can give you advice etc from their own experiences. Plus as Stevennn2003 has posted,he shares your problems and that maybe some comfort,to know you are not alone in how you feel etc. I do hope your scan tomorrow goes well and fingers crossed you won't have to wait too long for some results!

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