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Your help would be appreciated

Good afternoon all,

I recently had an email from Kathryn Welch, from the Macrobert Arts Centre in Stirling, relating to a special performance of their Pantomime for people who are bothered by affects such as dry ice/smoke like effects.

They were able to put on a 'low haze' performance, for people with a lung condition and Kathryn was curious to know of your experiences with such issues.

Please see the message below, from Kathryn. If you have any questions or feedback please contact her directly on the email address she's included.

- Dear BLF community,

- I hoped to pick your collective brains about the use of haze (i.e. the smoke-like - special effect) used in theatres. I'm Operations Director at Macrobert Arts Centre, a - theatre in Stirling, Scotland. We've recently worked with a local family living with - Cystic Fibrosis over recent years to put on a 'low haze' performance of Panto, which - they've hugely appreciated.

- We wondered if there was wider demand for this sort of provision among people - with lung conditions? I'd be really grateful if you could share any perspective on - whether haze is something that affects your trips to the theatre, and whether you'd - attend a 'low haze' performance. For background, details on the composition of the - haze we use is here: smokemachines.net/buy-pro-h...

- Thanks so much in advance for any insight you could share, Kathryn Welch - Operations Director, Macrobert Arts Centre - Kathryn.welch@macrobertartscentre.org

Thanks for your input, have a good day,

Biddy - Specialist Adviser

BLF Helpline

03000 030 555

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Thank you Biddy. Having had deep, meaningful and long disccussions with the RSC in Stratford about their use of haze, opinion from my consultant and and expert based at RBH, I shall be contacting Kathryn. Attention to this subject is long overdue.

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Hi Littlepom, thanks for letting me know. I'm sure Kathryn will welcome your comments.


The email address seems to be incorrect. I have copied it very carefully but it comes back as undelivered


Hi, did you manage to get in touch with Kathryn?


Yes thank you Biddy. I had a lovely response from her telling me that many people have responded.

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Thank you for this info Biddy and for Kathryn’s email. My heart sinks when they start up the haze and it seems many directors seem to think it impossible to get an atmosphere without it.



Yes, it must be disappointing you.

When I worked in theatre, we used to have to alert people to strobe lighting in case they would be affected, but we never alerted anyone to the use of haze.



I tend to sit in the back of the circle at the local theatre which helps to avoid stage haze. Usually the effect is on for only a minute or so. I've struggled a bit in a London theatre show when the haze was used more densely and for longer.


That's a good idea. And in my experience, that generally a reasonably view too.

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