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Fighting another flare up

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Morning all

Just had to rewrite this having lost version one. It’s early! 😛

I woke up yesterday and started to cough, and it felt as if I had broken ribs - very painful. I also found that my temp and BP was up so used my rescue kit. I don’t feel any worse this morning, which is a result I guess? Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far 😎

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Hi Brian, hope you feel better today and certainly don’t get any worse. Wishing you well. Xxx

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BrianTaylor in reply to sassy59

Morning. Hope you and Pete are well xx

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sassy59 in reply to BrianTaylor

Morning, not too bad thank you. Taking one day at a time.

Enjoy your day. Xxxxx

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Morning Brian hope you a feeling better today, take care and have a lovely day. I'm enjoying my weekend thanks 😊 Bernadette xx

Thank you Bernadette. Glad you’re enjoying your weekend 😊 xx

Good morning Brian. Sometimes being no worse than yesterday is a great result! It's a funny old life. Maybe it makes us appreciate things more. Being no worse than yesterday is a big achievement and makes us feel good. Sorry I'm getting way too philosophical for a Sunday morning. Anyway I hope you feel no worse tomorrow too, and maybe even a little bit better.

Good morning and thank you. Hope you are well 😊

If it hurts when you take a deep breath it could be pleurisy, so don't leave it too long to see GP. All the best, roll on Spring! Love Iris x

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BrianTaylor in reply to Lyd12

Morning Iris, roll on summer! I’ve taken antibiotics today as well as steroids so fingers crossed x

Only just saw this Brian. Sorry to hear that- hope you remain no worse than yesterday! x

Fingers crossed J! I’ve made full use of my rescue pack - it’s not cured it yet but I think it’s no worse today. I’ve got to keep fit so that I can keep up my charisma and natural charm 😳🤣 xx

Time to go to the doctor’s I think. Get better soon.

Hi parker how you feeling now? Hope you are OK xx

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BrianTaylor in reply to Usgang

A course of the usual from my rescue kit sorted me out thanks. Hope you are well x

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