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mistake on my last spirometry lung test

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Hi everyone

I had a phone call from the nurse who done my lung test to say that there had been a mistake on my lung breathing test that i had done last month and need to have another one done.

I went yesterday to have another test and ask why there had been a mistake and she said that the computer had give me the readings of a female has i did notice that on the readings at the time but did not think it made any difference, and she said that it do because a womens lungs are different in smaller.

Anyway i had another test and not quiet has good numbers has last month under the wrong readings but still at the mild stage and when i got home it did say on my readings lung age 72 and my age is 61, so is this a new thing on breathing tests now showing your lung age because i have never seen that on my other spirometry readings.

Also when i went to see her about 6-7 weeks ago she prescribe me this powder inhaler called incruse ellipta 55 and it really seems to work well for me has my wheezing has gone because i had this wheezing for about 2 years mostly when laying down and evenings and my ventoline inhaler did work well for my wheezing but this new inhaler is much more better and lasts longer.

Hope you all had a nice christmas and roll on the summer

Happy new year


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Thank goodness the mistake was corrected music. You’re still mild and the inhalers working well.

Best wishes for 2019. Xxxx

When a health care professional can't get your gender right, it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. They do seem to give your lung age now. I can't remember what mine was, it was either 70-something or 90-something and I'm 40-something! I hope you had a good Christmas too 🎄

My lung age is way above 100 Music - think it's around 120 but Im still hopping around. A very experienced respiratory nurse (she went on to become the nurse adviser to the BLF magazine Breath Easy) told me she thought that lung ages are a bit of a distraction and not to worry to much. Glad you've got a better inhaler now.

Happy season and HNY to you too. :)

Such good news whenever a member says a certain medication has worked marvellous for them! Hopefully it will enable you to perhaps do more without being so wheezy?

So it is time to say bring in the New Year,2019.....and let's keep everything crossed,that it will be a good year?

Hi when I was diagnosed very mild my lung age was given as 79 and I was 54..... x

Hiya, up to now my lungs are the same age as the rest of me. Nobody has told me any differently but haven't had follow up appt yet. Maybe they'll let me know. I do hope I haven't missed their birthdays, I do like a 'do'

I was told by the respiratory nurse that the lung age is just used to scare smokers into stopping.

That's not very helpful though for people who never smoked or who quit years / decades ago. It just heaps the anxiety and doom and gloom onto an already depressing situation and perhaps gives the impression things are worse than they in fact are and that there's no hope.

🎼 Happy New Year, Music! ⭐️ Best Wishes for good health in the coming year. Jan

My lung age came up as 102! I just say I look good for that age😂😂😂

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