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No chemicals

Just diagnosed with COPD at 62, bit of a shock. Slim, very fit (dancing & walking) and otherwise very healthy. Bit down for a day. Doc discussed ‘management’ but I don’t take medicines, or vaccines. He wanted me to spray chemicals into my lungs daily. Or take steroids which we know can cause diabetes. Decided to just carry on dancing and walking and take nothing. Since it’s currently ‘mild’ it’s likely that the stem cell treatments- which Are happening in America- will become standard in UK before it progresses to much. But if it ever gets too bad, I have plan b. Being spiritual, I know we just pass over so no worries there. Certainly not going to risk further damage with medicines.

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It’s good you can think like that but I would have been dead a good few years now if it wasn’t for the ( chemical) I have taken over the years

Take care


Hello armslength, I just want to say that medication and steroids have kept my husband going. He has COPD, sarcoidosis, heart and back problems.

Your fit and doing well which is great and hope that continues. I’m also spiritual and nearly lost Pete last month to severe sepsis. I don’t think passing over is quite that simple and I certainly wasn’t ready to let him go.

I wish you well and may 2019 be good to you. Xxxx

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Yatzy in reply to sassy59

I’m with you, sassy. Life’s usually enhanced by modern drugs, well chosen. Give your lungs some help if you want to stay with us a bit longer, armslength. Think of the good you could do in the world!

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2019.

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newlands in reply to sassy59

Happy birthday 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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sassy59 in reply to newlands

Thank you Dorothy. Xx 😘😘😘

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O2Trees in reply to sassy59

And me wishing you happy birthday Carole. Having Pete home must be the best present in the world xxx

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sassy59 in reply to O2Trees

Thank you O2, it certainly is great having Pete home. Xxx 😘

Maybe you've deleted your account now since all I can see is "Hidden" but this post made me quite angry. As others have said, these medications when required are what keep us alive. No-one takes steroids lightly, only when there's no alternative, as everyone knows there are side effects.

If you are mild, then fine, you can afford to take this line. And being 'pure' and spiritual in relation to treatment is your right of course but it is a bit of a luxury for most of us who do not have that option. My body is a temple too but just now it needs help to stay standing while we wait for less damaging treatments to be developed

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sassy59 in reply to O2Trees

Well said O2. Xxx

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peege in reply to O2Trees

Yes, well said O2Trees. And Hidden, good for you, I can't help wondering why you have copd, not those chemical cigs?

I don't have copd but asthma and bronchiectasis, just hit with a nasty chest infection so I shall be taking my antibiotics as without them my beautiful grandchildren wouldn't have a granny to adore.

We all have choices so good luck to you.

It's a tuff call deciding to take or not allopathic meds when you have lived a life free of them. Might be worth baring in mind that people were created with brains to solve problems- including the reduction of pain and suffering. While I too avoid meds when possible, if the world we live in has contributed to sick lungs, then I suspect human made meds may be needed to fix the human created problem! Good luck with however you chose to manage your illness. Just keep-on dancing- corny but irresistible!

I have multiple conditions, none of them caused by anything I have done, and I am only alive because of modern surgery and modern drugs. Both my respiratory physician and cardiologist agree that I am only still here because I have looked after myself, which includes taking the necessary drugs, invented by God given intelligence. I am not keen on ‘passing over’ just yet as I would like my very young grandsons to remember me. I hope you remain mild and keep well and active, but just remember that everything you touch, wear, or eat is chemical, some organic and some not. Good luck xx By the way, I am 75 and very blessed.

That's a strange opening post on a forum where almost everyone is bound to be heavily dependant on medication. To be medication and vaccine-free is, of course, your prerogative but ummm what do you want us to say?

Steroids are what prevented me from dying at birth 40 years ago and have saved my life on several occasions since. Without meds I would last less than a day. And why would you trust science to provide you with stem cell treatments when you don't believe in evidence-based medicine?

I wish you all the best and am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. However, it might be prudent to consider the feelings and situations of others on a chronic illness forum before rushing in with an anti-medicine rant.

You are mild. This is a progressive disease. Brave as you feel at the moment, when you are gasping for air your mind will change. This is a disease where one rarely dies quickly. It beats you up sometimes for years.

Agree it is the most individual.

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