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Session No 6. Pulmonary rehab.

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Howdy everyone,

Managed to survive yet another session of PR. I wasn't particularly feared of attending today, must have started getting a bit blas'e about it. I won't do that again!!?

The head physio wasn't there today so I had a chance to set my own agenda. Started of with arm curls, 3x10 X 2kg, Leg lifts, 3x10x11/2 kg, straight arm lifts, 3x10x2kg. Then the staff suggested the excercises bike, I absolutely shocked myself with a 3 1/2 minute and then a 3 minute ride. That's over a minute more than Wednesday.

Let myself down over the heel raises though, I walked to the wall bars and sat at the chair where I compose myself before starting, when I got up for the first set of ten , I only got to 5 and a piece of phlegm came up into my windpipe, I couldn't move it by coughing and felt as though I couldn't breath past it either so I sat back down in a bit of a panic. After a scary minute I felt under control again, got my breathing ok and did the second set of ten successfully, but just didn't have the enthusiasm to attempt the final set.

Had a very interesting chat from a chest consultant, I now understand even more about my condition than before, ( not sure wether happy or sad about that,😜😂👍)

That's all for now folks , take care have a great weekend.

Chris x

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"Had a very interesting chat from a chest consultant, I now understand even more about my condition than before, ( not sure wether happy or sad about that"

I know just where you are coming from. My advice is be happy, you now know the enemy. Knowledge is power, you now know what you are up against and more importantly just how to tackle it.

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Chriskho in reply to 2greys

Well said!

Well done with all that exercise I suppose you have to pace yourself and know what’s enough for you. I’m really impressed though. Looking forward to starting PR. Hope it motivates me to exercise more.

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canalchris in reply to Chriskho

Apparently a lot of people finish the course and with the best of intentions continue at their local gym, apparently quite a few don't do this for very long. I know that when the professional motivation isn't there from the physio staff, I actually do less at home. So lesson to self.MUST WORK HARDER.

I hope you really enjoy your course.

Regards , Chris.

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Chriskho in reply to canalchris

Can relate to that I’m not very motivated at home and didn’t enjoy going to the gym/ machines at all. Would like to do a fun exercise class a couple of times a week but unfortunately work shifts and cannot make them regularly as do different shifts each week. Went back to work 2 days per week ( did retire)just to get more mobile and that helps though. Looking forward to PR and hope it gives me some ideas/ motivation. Cx

You’re still going strong Chris so be proud of yourself. It’s not bad to know more about your condition so be happy. Xxxxxx

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Chriskho in reply to sassy59

Yes Sassy don’t do bad really on the whole and am always eager to know how to improve things. Hope you and Pete are ok. Do you both have resp problems? Cx

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sassy59 in reply to Chriskho

It’s Pete who has lung problems. He has sarcoidosis and COPD. I’m his carer. Have a lovely weekend. Xxx

Hello Chris. I always sing 🎶 the praises of the Pulmonary rehab. I feel it really helps me. Haven’t been for the last month as I have had a hip replacement but as soon as I can I will be back there. I found that I used to try and beat what I had done the week before, but that wasn’t the way for me. I do what I feel comfortable with. Keep the good work up. I am a great believer in it. Good luck and best wishes. 👍🤓🏋️‍♂️

Well done, but remember Pulmonary Rehab is not just for Christmas try to keep the exercises going after Rehab classes. It does make a big difference.

Hi Chris, I love Rehab, My T Shirt says so.....After the very first Class finished just over 3 Years ago(had 5 in all). We the patients felt amiss, so we got together and Created our Own " Breathe Easy" Group, it is so Good and to have The Comradeship ongoing to this day, Initially we all wanted to continue An Exercise Rehab Class, We have been successful Hiring our Own Private Instructor from the Beginning. Mo, has her own Gym also. We charge everyone £3 for a one Hour Class. From this amount Mo is paid. She is a Fully Qualified Instructor on all Levels. ( She is a Known Champion Power Lifter, with lots of medals).. From One Class per week, we now have Two Classes with more members Joining, Because of this Class we have Raised lots of Money for BLF through our Table Tops, Charity Boxes, My Hubby's Hair/Head shave this Year., I am at Present organising our Christmas Lunch, having more Members and Partners coming along. Yes, once you have experienced PR, you know you have to continue, although only a Six week Course, I continue , even at Home. Sit on my Exercise Bike infront of The TV, Not every day. Good Luck Chris, Enjoy, and Enjoy More. Love n Hugs. XXXXX

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