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Hello to all my kind friends on this site things have been all over the plaice these last few weeks after breaking my hip and contacting sepsis i spent 6 weeks in a room by myself unfortunatley I am not doing well with walking frame i walk like a drunken crab .I have been told i do not need to go see the consultant tomorrow becausse there is no treatment for me i have also got a letter saying that i am now in care of Gps district nurses and matron there is a nodule that has grown since last years but they are not intervening .The matron district nurses and doctor came today to discuss which medication to put in my driver and there goes another story sinceit was fitted i have had to call for help 5 times in middle of night twice what a farce dtomorrow someone from hospice coming to put some things in place .I have also been asked to consider carers at home I now have a catheter a driver and also the marvelous oxygen not so for me when one of the District nurses called shesaid she wouldnt have given 50 pence for me still being around well going now love to all

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So very good to hear from you and still very much the feisty, tell-it-as-it-is, Margaret. Well done you. Keep on confounding their expectations. Go girl, go.

Love and the very gentlest of hugs

Kate xxxx


<3 I look out for your posts every time I visit.

"I have also been asked to consider carers at home" <-- would that be a couple of quick visits a day or a longer presence?

At least you are back home and everything is getting arranged.

Time_2_drink in reply to moogle

30 mins morning and 30 later on also2 two hours so frank can hae some free time



It's fantastic to hear from you Margaret, I'm so glad you keep fighting on as you always day. You keep going show them how you fight this thing. Take care of yourself, hope Frank is ok.

Lots of love Bernadette xx

Hi Bernadette I have decided to have morphine straight i n to driver Been given another course of antibiotics and steroids love margaret xx

Keep on keeping on, Margaret. 💕 We love to hear how you’re getting on. These medical predictions are seldom right.

Hope that driver settles down...is it in the best place, or could the nurse try a move for it??

Love 😘 Penny xx

Time_2_drink in reply to Yatzy

H penny had driver in 3 diffent places had nurses out 3 more times hope you ok xx

Yatzy in reply to Time_2_drink

Oh dear! You are having to struggle, Margaret. These drivers don’t seem to suit you. My sister had one put in and it took a while to get it comfortable, but it was in the end. Don’t worry about getting nurses out, it’s their job, and they’re on shifts to make it work.

Good luck if you have to spend daytimes in the hospice....they really know their stuff in my experience.

Love 💕 Penny. I’m alright for now, thanks.

Margaret you are amazing you really are. With all you go through you still manage to let us know. I'm so sorry to hear about your hip fracture, that's awful. I and so many here think of you often and wish you well

🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹Peege xx

Time_2_drink in reply to peege

Thank you just been given moreabs and sterods the,matron and hospice doctor have arranged for me togo as a day patient. On monday I really dont think i cando it xxxx

Great to hear from you Margaret and I’m certainly very pleased you’re still around. You keep fighting and always pleased to see you. Lots of love to you and Frank. Xxxxx💖💖💖

Time_2_drink in reply to sassy59

Thanks sassy the matron thinks it wil be helpfull to go to hospice but i dont since broke hipcan hardly walk it took 6 goes to get up from chair to get to walker love to both of youxx

sassy59 in reply to Time_2_drink

Bless you Margaret, you take care. Love and hugs. Xxx 😘

Thinking of you.

Hi Margaret,

Always lovely to hear from you. I hope you are comfortable and that Frank is doing okay. Sending tons of love and hugs.

Cas xx 🌞

Glad to hear that you are confounding the nurses. Long may it last. You have come so far since we first spoke, and are being so brave. All my love and prayers xx

Sending love & strength

It's really good to hear from you. I just love the image of a drunken crab 🦀 I hope you feel a bit better soon and start walking like a starfish instead, slow but sure and quite magnificent 💐

Margaret i am wandering around a hospital ward in the wee hours of the morning thinking I could do with a break and then I read of the inspiring ways that you tackle life head on with your loving companion Frank always by your side and my minor problems pale in to insignificance. Keep on fighting on dear lady.

Love ski's and scruffy xx

Keep on truckin', Margaret. Keep on confounding the expectations of that District Nurse.

It is so good to hear from you Margaret. You have endured so much but you keep on fighting, your such an inspiration.

I'm sending you gentle hugs and hope they get your meds right so your nice and comfortable ((((💓)))) xxxx

It's good to hear from you! Hope they sort out the driver for you quickly. You can see from all the messages on here how much you are thought about - you AND Frank. Bless him! Keep on keeping on, as they say. Do you realise that 'Walk like a drunken crab' fits the music of 'Walk like an Egyptian'. I can picture you now! Take care. xx Moy

Margaret, your courage has grown over the months, and you will continue to fight. Hope Frank is getting support too,we are lucky those of us who have good partners. keep letting us all know how you are

So sorry to hear about all your trials but very impressed by your resilience! Sending love and best wishes x

Well done Margaret. Great that you're home and I'm sure you'll feel stronger again soon with your wonderful fighting spirit. Sending huge hugs xxx

Thank you sorry will have to stop replying at momment cant get mybreath xx

Hidden in reply to Time_2_drink

💕🌸🌺 lots of love and courage Margaret xx



Hi Margaret you sound so much more positive which is good to hear. I hope you are feeling a lot better , it's so nice to hear from you. You take care and get plenty of rest.

love Bernadette 😊 xx

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