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I V antibiotics at home, re my PCD

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Tomorrow I’m going to hospital to be set up for two weeks of I.v. Antibiotics at home, administered by special district nurses. Im hoping this treatment will get rid of nasties that have been partying in lungs for months. May not have time and be able to do many posts, have done several lately whilst trying to stay positive, dreading going into hospital now with increased covid about. Best regards to everyone. Jean xxx

18 Replies
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Positive vibes coming your way Jean and wushu good you well. Thinking of you for tomorrow and always xxx🥰💜❤️

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Morrison10 in reply to sassy59

Thanks lot x

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Best wishes and good luck ,Jean. Hope the covid bug will stay away and the nasties will get what's coming to them. xxx

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Morrison10 in reply to Alberta56

Many thanks x

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My very best wishes Jean for tomorrow and the near future. As the song says you have to AC-CENT-U-ATE the positive and E-LIM-IN-ATE the negative. We'll all be rooting for you. ❤️

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Morrison10 in reply to Greenthorn

Thanks, will keep that song in mind!

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It’s a wonderful service to be treated at home. Cuts down covid risk and you are more relaxed at home. I’m sure it will all go well for you

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Morrison10 in reply to Maggie_Mae

Thanks, had six previous i,v courses at home, use to have cannula in hand, and did them myself with help from late husband. Told this time will be line shoulder level, so wearing top with short wide sleeves x

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cofdrop-UK in reply to Morrison10

Can’t understandwhat possessed them to put a canula in for home IVs. Good luck this time you will find it much better.Xxx

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Hopefully you won't be kept too long whilst getting set up for the IV's, less covid risk. Wishing you all the best for successful treatment. Don't worry about posting Jean, we will understand. Take care xxx ❤️

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All the best x

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All the best. Hope this sorts things for you.

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Hope all goes well with the treatment. Stay positive and let us know how you get on when you can x

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I hope the antibiotics do their job.

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Good luck for today Jean, I hope all goes well for you and those nasties can get blasted away. Keep your chin up girl x

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Sounds great to be to have the antibiotic administered at home, much better than being in hospital for 14 days. I hope the course clears up those troublesome bugs. Best Wishes

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I didn't know that you could have your ivy antibiotics at home. That is fantastic. I do not blame you for not wishing to have covid, as I would be a wee bit apprehensive myself. Well good luck to you and I hope you feel better when the antibiotics have finished.

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Hi there , 😊 I'm in the UK .. I have IV antibiotics every time I have an infection now ... I've had Pseudomonas, Aspergillus and Staph.. and over the course of possibly 5, 6 or more years they've eradicated all... strangely now I'm finding myself infection free and not having to need antibiotics for around 2 years now ... its unbelievable ....I've had Bronchiectasis for 60 years now.I just wanted to give you a tip ... I've had my iv line in varying places up my arm and I found the very best and easiest to have my line fitted was in my left wrist ... being right handed it allowed me to administer my drugs very easily ...

I think it's great having home IV, and much more stress free being at home x

Good luck I hope you find it great too x

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