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Little Darlings


I Bought a Pumpkin at Morrisons. Hubby cut the Top off and cut two side Doors. This Morning though it is Cold & Raining, they have loved eating it and their generous supply of Monkey Nuts. I normally through out Bread, this morning I cut up Jammy Doughnuts & a Nutty Cheesecake, Grapes...I wondered at the amount of Seagulls that flew in, we are Middle of the Midlands. I love watching all the Birds & Squirrels. Wish My Picture was Clearer. Hope you enjoy. XXX Love n Hugs .

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That’s a great photo Carolina. The wildlife must love your garden and all the treats.

Enjoy your weekend. Xxx 💖😘💖😘

If I lived near you I'd be out in your garden eating that. It sounds like a very good menu de degustation. Doughnuts, cheesecake and pumpkin, three of my favourite things 😁🍽️

We are getting a lot of squirrels at the moment whovhappily share their food with the little birds the 2 wood pigeons wait until they have gone so they can have a turn love to sit and watch them

Starting to rain in Brum so should think they will be off soon. They normally come back about Tea time if not raining.

Hacienda in reply to Spacecat1

I'm Not far from you Liz, Nottingham. Glad you love watching the wild life too. xxx

Wow either that is one very large Squirrel or a small Pumpkin?either way i used my magnifying glass to compensate for your lack of a telephoto lense but a cracking photo to start the day Carino.

besitos Ski's and scruff's xx

Hacienda in reply to skischool

Hola Carino, I use my Phone camera for the pics, I can enlarge the pics on the Phone, once I Share to FB & our Forum, I can't enlarge them. We only put the Pumpkin out this Morning, it's still raining, I have watched the Pumpkin getting smaller, it was a Large one. Hope your Both well , and Scruffita is Behaving for you, or the other way around, Ha ha Abrazos y Besos. xxxxxx

skischool in reply to Hacienda

I love Squirrels and this time of the year is best when they are busy stocking up their larders for the winter ahead and they will love all of your offerings come rain or shine.i was only joking about the photo and you did well to capture your handsome guest. :)


Hacienda in reply to skischool

I always know you Tease my Friend, I wish I was Better with Technical things. I have more photo's taken from the Kitchen Window as The rain & Cold is stopping me from getting nearer to them. I have watched them on & off most of the day. Love & Hugs to you & Scruffs. Besos. xxxxx




I've been told that gulls are now dividing into two factions; those that live by the sea, eating a traditional diet of fish and inland gulls that scavenge from rubbish tips and visit bird feeding stations.

It seems that after a few generations they can no longer manage each other's diet.

Eventually we could end with completely separate species.

The squirrel looks like it is enjoying the yummy treat!!

Very nice big pumpkin!!



Hola Chica

Que tal?? 🎃❄️⛄️🙊🌰🥜🍞🥖🍩🍰🍇🐦🐿

Besos Fran xx


Buen Dia Chica, estoy Bien Gracias, y Tu? Hope by now things have settled for you & Mama, it is a huge upheaval for her , especially having pain. Wishing you a Good Sunday, Pasar bien este Domingo Carino. Besos Mucho. xxxxxx

Oops! Turned my pumpkin into pumpkin pie.

I love pumpkin pie! You can still put the seeds out for the birds, or toast the seeds in the oven and eat them for snacks.

At this Moment, I am watching all the Birds & Squirrels enjoying their Sunday Morning Breakfast, I have put out lots more Seeds, Monkey Nuts, Toast . Nothing goes to waste here. I recycle food. Love watching them all, The little Robins are my Angels, I have named a few after my Friends who have passed, along with my Doggies. Yes, I talk to The Animals. XXXX

That’s a great Sammy Davis Jr song 🎵 🎶 I talk to the animals too, my own of course but other people’s too, and the wild birds. Nothing wrong with that 👍

I am just waiting for my little Princess to Answer me, Though I know every woof and Grrr she says. Ha Ha .xxxx

I love the squirrels in the garden, they always come in for the bird food and nuts, you spoil your ones, no wonder they all come in x x😊😊😊

Beautiful sunshine this morning watching our little squirrel eating the last bits of apple. Then he runs up and down the fence teasing our cat. The cat just sits and watches the antics. Just had their toast. Hubby teasescme saying surprised you don't put a cup of tea out for them.

Hacienda in reply to Spacecat1

Ha Ha, Like that Hun, Cup of Tea, my Doggie always has a Cuppa with me , Wild animals can't have milk . xxxx

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