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Just wanted to say thank you to all those lovely people who responded to my recent post regarding getting hold of a ho,e nebuliser. We did get one from a family member, but still no medication from the gp! However, that’s the least of our problems. My other half was taken to hospital by emergency ambulance again on Saturday and he’s still in there 🙁. He had a tight chest and couldn’t breathe, he almost went unconscious. His SATs went down to 81!!!! but thankfully the ambulance staff (on both occasions) were amazing and kind and got him back. He saw a doctor today and he told him he has emphysema? I’m a bit confused as to what’s the difference between Copd and emphysema, or is there any?

But thank you ladies and gents for all your help, glad to know you’re out there and I can ask anything without feeling silly. Sending everyone hugs xxx

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Hello BusNut. I’m sorry that your husband is so poorly at the moment. Now that he has a diagnosis of emphysema hopefully he will get the right treatment to help him cope better. Emphysema is one of two conditions which both come under the title of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd). The other is chronic bronchitis. I hope that helped.

BusNut in reply to Hidden

Thank you littlepom, I thought it did, but when someone says it you begin to doubt yourself. Yes, our thoughts exactly that now he is on the radar again he will get the treatment and check ups that he should, thanks for your reply.

Sorry to know your husband is in the hospital. I hope he feels better soon and can go home. This community is wonderful for being able to ask all kinds of questions without feeling silly.

It certainly is HungryHufflepuff, it’s nice to know that people understand what we’re and our other halves are going through.

Wishing your husband well and hope he gets the best treatment and meds he needs and deserves. Maybe when your husbands home his GP will prescribe nebules for his nebuliser. Pete wouldn’t be without his.

Take care xxxxx

BusNut in reply to sassy59

Thank you Sassy59, let’s hope so.

Hope your other half feels better really soon.

BusNut in reply to Ergendl

Thank you Ergendl, so do I.

Sorry to hear your husbands in hospital and hope he is home again soon, also hope he gets the meds he needs. Take care. Xx

BusNut in reply to Ellena

Thank you Ellena, looks like the hospital have sorted his meds out and should be home soon.

Ellena in reply to BusNut

That is good news BusNut

Wish him well from all of us.

You look after yourself too.

Xx 😊


Hello, for some reason Emphysema gets classed as COPD, which an umbrella definition to cover many things. Hope the nebulizer does it for you but do get the proper solution thro' prescription. The saline which can be bought over the counter is nowhere near as good. Your GP will know what your husband need.


BusNut in reply to lKeith

Hi IKeith, it is confusing, he has been told that he has emphysema in the bottom half of his lungs (which is what emphysema is) but COPD in the top half (or it could be he’s got the wrong end of the stick when it was explained to him.). However, he is a lot better and he is now, at long last getting his medication sorted out.

BusNut - nebulizers are useful but it is really important to understand how to use this equipment properly.

While your husband is in hospital it would be a good opportunity to talk to the staff about this. They can teach you how to administer the drugs correctly and how to care for and maintain the machine, nebulizer pot and tubing. They can also prescribe the nebules and send this information to your GP who will then put them on repeat prescription.

Hopefully he will soon be feeling better and able to come home.

BusNut in reply to Bella395

Thanks Bella395, he has now been told not to use a nebuliser, he has been prescribed a different inhaler instead.

Bella395 in reply to BusNut

That sounds good.

I saw nebulisers on sale at Lidl last week and was a little worried that they were so easily available.

BusNut in reply to Murray58

It does amaze me sometimes, just what you can buy in the supermarket nowadays!

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