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Acid reflux


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) may cause, trigger or exacerbate many pulmonary diseases. ... The acid can cause throat irritation, postnasal drip and hoarseness, as well as recurrent cough, chest congestion and lung inflammation leading to asthma and/or bronchitis/ pneumonia. I have acid reflux bad for over ten years.. When ever I go to the hospital they never hear my asthma ... But my lungs are inflamed.... I have been getting shit for not looking after my asthma but when I'm at emergency like yesterday they don't here any asthma.... I'm seeing a Dr over this but I think this is the cause of my lungs acting up.......

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Many MANY members have acid reflux too. There's also something called silent reflux.

It's helpful to know what triggers it. For me it's acid foods & animal fats - even whole milk live yogurt grrrr. Fortunately there's plenty of 0% fat in the UK.

Warm buttered toast, mmm, that would be a luxury 😜

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Try lactose free Peege, that helps me xx

peege in reply to Hidden

Thanks Fran, I have tried lactose free & it didn't make a lot of difference. Skimmed & semi-skimmed organic milk are fine it's just the full fat stuff that gets me, butter is a no no along with all the acid foods including lovely citrus fruit, strawberries and tomatoes. Trial & error, cooked & canned tomatoes are fine as is lemon juice!

Hope you're feeling a little better today xx

Clamdigger in reply to peege

.. About six years ago they told me I"m medium Asthma no one has ever heard asthma never had a attack I"m 61.. I feel if I get a asthma test done my lungs are acting up from the reflux and it appears I have it.... The Throat Dr told me that the gases goes up and settles in your lungs... All this time I feel the Allergies and the throat Dr was wright the cough is acid reflux... Plus he said asthma medication can cause acid reflux.... I started some medication lets see if it helps...

peege in reply to Clamdigger

Hi clamdigger, I have never had a severe asthma attack either but most definitely have asthma.

I've made a few mistakes in the past with self diagnosing so do take care.

I've read that particles from both acid reflux and sinuses can affect the airways. I've had both problems all my adult life, plus asthma as a child then recurring in later life, badly controlled leading to serious lung health & damage from infections & several pneumonia.

We are all different, I now know that without my inhalers I wouldn't be here today. I have always hated taking medication & have learnt the hard way that it's important to listen to experts along side getting as much knowledge as possible. P

PS have you had allergy tests? I have, under hospital consultant. Luckily for the dog, my allergies are to mould spores and mildly to aspergillis fungus. All those years of living dust free because I'd self diagnosed dust as my allergy 😳

Clamdigger in reply to peege

They told me to move out west I have tons of allergies.I live in Nova Scotia need a dry climate....... .. They did a CT scan on my lungs the aveolis were swollen lungs full of scares from infections... 5mm lumps ...... I'm back on the acid reflux medication and I"ll see if my breathing improves... What I find the asthma clinic didn't get the information from the throat Dr or allgergies there opinion of what is going on.. ...... This is all I get when I go infected air ways every time at the emergency ..... Not once in my life any one has heard asthma..... Its just been infected airways... I feel you can be misdiagnosed.... I have had gerd for fourteen years... Some times it is so bad it up in my mouth... Don't like the pills for it long term it causes heart problems and oseteoprosis... But I"m back on them.. My Dr made a appointment to get a scope to see what is going on ... I have been in and out of the hospital all summer with breathing problems and the acid reflux was bad I don't have a voice any more.....If some thing is adding up it is usually because of a misdiagnose....

Wow thanks for that. I never thought about it or had any of my docs tell me they’re related but I do see how my symptoms have intertwined at different times. Thanks for the pic I appreciate it is that your skiff? Why isn’t it parked on shore?🤔 I know people do things different in other places?

Clamdigger in reply to Sandyeggo

.. There is a long rope that stays with the dory and they can row it to shore.. ...Some of the shore line is to rough and some people don't have a beach or dock to tie up to .. ..Every thing in that wright up I have... They have never heard asthma I was at the allergist they said it sounded like acid reflux when I was coughing the throat Dr told me it was acid reflux cough... I get in shit for not looking after my asthma when no one has ever heard it.... I feel acid reflux affects your lungs and if your in a flare up it comes across during the test as asthma... I took these pills for acid reflux about a year ago when to Ireland and a friend pointed out I was going up hills walking with no problems.. Never took my emergency puffer once for a month ..... To me some people are getting misdiagnosed....


Hi Clamdigger

Love that picture..the rusty autumnal colour of trees, the it a lake?

Anyway there are plenty of ways to deal with gastric acid.

I would check if you are lactose intolerant because that can be a factor, we are all with age..

Don’t drink or eat too hot or too fast

Avoid fried food, fatty stuff, alcohol..

You will find what suits you or not, you probably know already.

Of course the pills we take do not help, so doctors will give you more pills to deal with that 😉

My larynx has passed it I will never be a soprano again 😃 and my ears were stinging, GP treated me for ear infections until I finally found out that

years of clarithromycin and steroids

gave me that acid reflux..

I have Omeprazole 40mg and Riopan gel these days to deal with gastric acid but they give you other do consult and decide what is best for you.

Take care.

The dory is located in a inlet connected to the ocean..... They have never heard asthma and I have had acid reflux for fourteen years... I lose my voice and the throat Dr told me that acid reflux in flamed your lungs... I'm going to see another Dr to see what is going on.. But the pill they gave me a year ago when I was in Ireland and a friend pointed out I wasn't using my emergency puffer to go up hill I didn't use if for a whole month... Plus I feel if my lungs were inflamed when I took my first breathing test would of it came back as asthma if I was on meds for acid reflux.... Plus my Throat Dr told me asthma medication can cause acid reflux... How can I be told I have asthma if no one ever heard it... I feel I have been misdiagnosed..... One thing about the world of drugs a drug causes other problems.. Like a water pill for your heart causes kidney problems long term... The one for acid reflux works great but long term gives you heart problems and osterporisis... There you go the drug world....

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Thanks. Which region do you live? Is it in Nova Scotia? I will ask my friends at the LAM Foundation for the best pulmonologist in your area.

Recently I had the genetic Cypass test done. It checks you DNA and analyses the pharmacology you take comparing it to your metabolism. Very useful because I now have a swollen pancreas. So those antiacid meds I take were not bad for me but the clarithromycin I was fed with for years was metabolised 3 or 4 times..

So now I have a card I have to show the doctors when I am prescribed sthg, a bit late at 66 but better late than never..

Take care.

Clamdigger in reply to Hidden

I live in Nova Scotia my asthma Dr seen once .... But my Dr is sending me to a specialist to look at my problem plus getting a test done for my acid reflux to see if it is germs... It takes a long time I'll wait over a year to get in.. Were short of Dr's they don't seem to want to live here they like it out west better.... What is Cypass? .... And what is clarithromycin...Plus what is sthg ..... Some of the drugs do have a long term effect on you.. I go and ask the pharma they know more than the Dr when it comes to drugs ,,, One told me that the longer you take any medication the side effects will start some after five years .. The one that I"m on for acid reflux causes heart and osteoporosis is one of the side effects after one year on them... ... Double edge sword drugs.....

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Ok posted on my LAM Foundation forum, we’ll see if sbdy comes up with a good pulmonologist for you.

Cypass is a genetic test which matches medication you take to your metabolism/DNA. For example in short it will say red, dangerous, orange watch out or green ok.

Clarithromycin is an antibiotic we are commonly given for chest infections in England if allergic to penicillin, which is my case.

I was just giving you this an example.

On a medication notice you have all the side effects listed, which is why I never read them except if something happens because if you’d read them you would never swallow anything 😃

So what I finally want to say is that it is a statistic, it doesn’t mean it is relevant to you especially. Which is why I did the Cypass test. Because I have to take a lot of medications so I think anyway.

But you don’t need that to know what is going to make you react or not, most of us have had a reaction or not to common drugs.

Wishing you well.

I have that too, along with asthma and bronchiectasis, I recently had to have an endoscopy to check I had not damaged duodenum and oesophagus. Thankfully all seems ok but I know this can exacerbate my bronchiectasis and vice versa. I take tablets to help with gastric reflux and heart burn. Keep an eye on this as is a horrible condition.

Take care.

My throat is all swollen plus I have just gotten a blood test done for COPD a family member died from it and never smoked... . The only thing I can think of is my small airways are making so much noise they don't hear the asthma....

Hello mate. I suffer with acid reflux and the consultant put me on 1 Omeprazole 20mg tablet to be taken each night. This has helped me. It maybe worth asking about that. Good luck anyway.

Clamdigger in reply to Roysieboy

I started on a dose but long term it causes heart and osteoporsis....I go on and off them but every time I stop my lungs act up...What can you say drugs cure one thing but gives you another health issue....

helo, i also have acid reflux i swear by warm cranbury juice, i know it sound unlikely but it does for me

best wishes brian

Clamdigger in reply to briany

I'll try it.... Thanks for the information....

Hi Clamdigger, I also suffer from acid reflux (mainly in bed). So I sleep on my left hand side and never get reflux, but if I turn onto my right hand side I get the horrible burning sensation in my throat. I have spoken to few people with the same problem and told them to try sleeping on their left side and all of them have said this has stopped their reflux. I am relatively new to this forum so I apologise if this has been commented on before. I also wonder why(to my knowledge) doctors never suggest patients try sleeping on their left.

Clamdigger in reply to ronwev

I just ordered a bed that cranks up so I sleep at a angle... that is what the Dr told me to get .I have had mine for fourteen years... I'm in a bit of a mess with this its keeping my lungs in constant flare up so I hoping the new bed will help..

I have this bad acid reflux and it can really be painful when it flares up like it did this weekend :( but its always when i screw up and eat the wrong foods or drink alcohol which I did yesterday and paid the price.

Normally i have stripped away all high fats, skimmed milk is fine for me in small amounts weak coffee no fried food , in fact its forced me to live healthy. So im back on detox. Salads fish , greens, fresh fruit but only berry types ...

With some imagination you can still enjoy food it just takes planning and then I go and eat a plate of junk last night and it got me again :( back to the diet now.

They think I might have a problem with my opening were the food goes into the stomach.. ... I have done detox went with out food take kirfer ... Seen a alternitive Dr I have been down every avenue... I just order a bed were the ends can go up or down.. Dr told me sleep at a angle.... I have acid reflux all the time I"m going to get that test done to see if it is germs in my gut..... I'm on predisone wright now from another infection in my lugs was at the hospital Friday.... Some of the drugs I feel cause acid reflux....

Hi don't know if this will be very helpful but I am a copd sufferer and have had severe acid reflux on and off for a number of years. I have worked out that with me it is related to weight gain so when I'm fed up of not sleeping etc I lose the weight and don't suffer. I'm assuming the pressure on the diaphragm and enlarged lungs and full stomach don't mix!

Clamdigger in reply to Jillybaby

So true I do have weight to lose ... I think it is everything from drugs that cause it to food you eat .... But I have already lost 120 pounds just have another 60 to go...

Jillybaby in reply to Clamdigger

That's amazing! Well done you. let us know when the other 60 has gone and if the acid reflux improves.

I know how you feel I have had post nasal drip and a cough all my adult life been prescribed omperasole and steroid nasal sprays but nothing really works and I feel no one really cares

Clamdigger in reply to nottowell

I feel your left on your own figuring things out and then I go in to the Dr and say what about this or that I need to see some one... I have allergyies and they can cause lung infection ... Some times I wonder about my gene pool....

Sevenstar1 in reply to nottowell

I know how you feel ! I have exactly the same plus Bronchiectasis, my doc confirms that the three are all interconnected so as one flares the other flares which is when I get the claggy feeling in my throat which is when the oesophagus is inflamed , antibiotics exacerbate things too ! Feel fed up about it a lot , drink lots of water and kneep smiling !

I just ordered a bed I can crank up at both ends.. Sleeping on a slant should help some.. Catch 22 being sick and taken medications...

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