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Thinking of all of you


I don't post much. I sure do like your group on here. I know I have chronic asthma....yet my symptoms are getting worse. I'm kinda in denial to go to Pulmonary Dr. right away. I dread the spirometry tests. I've been coughing and lots of mucus for a while. Just scary...I know you are all supportive. I want you to know I support you as well. Having tough time with my ribs again...hoping it will go away soon!!

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Hi Marie, please see you’re pulmonary doctor as he should be able to help you. You need help so don’t wait any longer.

It’s good to see you on here again and please stay in touch. We’re here for you. Xxxx


Your getting it tight Marie but your a fighter you've had to be so keep looking after youself to you see the consultant all the best Ger 😊

Hi Marielove .

I understand what you mean about seeing your doctor. But it will only get worse if you don't get it under some kind of control. It will be okay. And likely, you will get more relief with a review of your treatment.

*BIG hug*

Cas xx 🌞

Asthma can be treated and managed you must go get it sorted the spirometry you can put off for a later date just say your not up to it now and let the GP listen to your lung you may even have an infection just needing antibiotics phone make an appointment now Take care xxxx

how are you feeling now hope all ids alright with your ribs now

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