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New Meds

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I had real problems with breathlessness, and my Consultant changed my meds to Qvar (twice a day) and Spiolto Respimat (Once a day) also Ventolin when needed. My breathlessness has improved but not as much as I hoped. My sats were 89-90 before, and now at rest can be 96 but as soon as I start moving it drops to 92 or 93.

Is anyone else on these meds, and if so how do you take them please. I am fed up being breathless most of the time

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I have just started on Qvar again, I used to take it years ago , but my consultant changed it to Clenil. I prefer Qvar and it works for me. I only use the Ventolin rarely .

I use Spiolto Respimst by itself and it does help my breathubg somewhat but get a lot of acid reflux with it.

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