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Chest tightness with double arm weakness/heaviness/trouble breathing. I feel like I’m being chocked and suffocated. All emergency tests have came back normal. What could it be? I’m extremely dizzy and cannot eat or drink because my throay feels completely blocked. My nose feels extremely congested. I feel like I am not getting any air through my mouth or nose. My face is pale and eyelids/under eyes have some purple/black spotting. Doctors cannot fine anything wrong with me and they say it’s “ anxiety”. I took the anxiety medication and it didn’t work. I tried medicine for acid reflux or didn’t work. I do have a chronic sinus infection and swollen tonsils. However, I do not think the severe symptoms come from it.

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Could be other medication you are on.

Hi you have to take the anxiety meds for at least 6 weeks before you can expect it to start helping you. Did you? Also it can be trial and error to find one which helps you so don't give up.

There are several sites for anxiety on here if you wish to join one. x

Hi gonzalezwendy84 .

hypercat54 makes an excellent point. Your medication for anxiety will not kick in immediately. And sometimes the medication needs adjustment.

Chronic sinus infections can indeed cause all sorts of havoc. Is it being monitored and are you on medication for it? Take care.

Cas xx 🌿

Poor you ..... sounds awful. I hope you are able to get some sleep . Maybe ring BLF nurse and get an opinion from her/him? Hope you feel better soon 🤨

I am sorry to read your post . Ask them to do ultrasound,

As I suffer with all you’re said it’s unbeatable.

Turns out I have hernia, both sides which is pushing on lungs

Meds do take a while to kick in

For your sinuses, inhaler rosemary essential oil & ask Doctors for nasal sprays

Thinking. Of you x

So sorry to hear that you are suffering so badly. I am not a doctor but I have had periods of anxiety throughout my life some of them at the extreme end of the spectrum. The symptoms I had at the worst times were so real and so overwhelming I was convinced that I was surely going to die. In the end I was forced by my brother in law, a GP, to go and see a psychiatrist. Best thing I have ever done. She knew exactly what medication would work best for my symptoms and she reassured me I wasn’t going mad. So don’t give up. There is always someone out there who can help you even if you have to hunt them down personally and unfortunately pay for their services.

Have you seen an ENT specialist? Given that you are out of breath and have a choking feeling in the throat 24/7. That may be worth doing. Maybe there is a constriction there.

Sounds much like my own experiences of anxiety brought about by this illness, As already suggested it could take time fir the meds to kick in but you need to discuss it further with your Doc.

What emergency tests did they do...CT...heart is common to have a heart condition with lung issues...have u been diagnosed with anything??? It could be something other than anxiety?? Not trying to scare u...✌️

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