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Hello all, At the moment I am struggling with chest, coughing up large amounts of sputum feeling unwell. Had sputum tested twice came back clear. Chest X-ray came back clear. Now to have blood tests. I was wondering if anyone had tried homeopathy or herbal treatments and had succeeded with it. Just curious as I am at a loss gp reluctant to prescribe abs.

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A few people on this forum are using turmeric and black pepper in one form or another. I used it when I had a bad cold.

I know nothing about herbal remedies or homeopathy but am curious to know if you have had a CT scan? A scan will show up much more detail than an X-ray. After my CT scan years ago the Consultant showed me the picture which proved my Bronchiectasis. Up until then it had been variously diagnosed as asthma and COPD. The bubbles in the airways proved the diagnosis and that's when my medication changed and my chest physio started. Everyone on here seems to agree that GP surgeries are pretty hopeless at dealing with Bronchiectasis and so a specialist is needed.

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Hi, yes I had the ct scan in 2010. That is when I was diagnosed with bronch. I am under a specialist, they are now going to contact her so will see what happens. They do not want to give antibiotics as nothing is showing up in sputum.

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Keep us updated. We all learn a lot from each other. Good luck.

Yep... it’s the ct scan you need! Many of my chest X-rays cane back clear and it was the CT scan that sorted it. You really need to speak to someone who knows specifically about bronchiectasis.... and I need to learn to spell it without the spell check. 😀 what won’t your gp give you?


You need a CT...more detailed...u might need strengthen immune system, Vit D with K, 5000mg...also use Tumeric with black pepper, and a garlic pill...drink lots of water to help with mucus...u should also ask for a referral yo a pulmonary dr, not A gp....this is not their area of expertise...

Ps. aeribika to help break up mucus, and Huff cough...

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