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Flu vaccine - get before 11am if possible


Hi all,

just a reminder to get flu jab before 11am for maximum efficiency.

(Previous posts examined proof of studies and proof.)

Best regards.

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Thanks for that reminder northernlass. Xxxx

This new finding goes along with research by the same scientists, published in Psychophysiology in 2008, which found that older men who got the flu shot (as well as young men who got the hepatitis A vaccine) had a better antibody response when vaccinated in the morning than in the afternoon. For unknown reasons, morning vaccination did not improve the immune response of female participants in this older research. berkeleywellness.com/health... I'm just thankful to get one at any time.

Wow ! I never realised that. We will do our best to do that.


Thanks , mine is at 9am


Hi, your post time is noted, thank you.

IKeith (southern ole git)

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