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Constant stuff on my chest

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Mid 20s non-smoker.

All my life I never used to get ill however a couple of years ago I started coming down with what seemed like recurrent cold after cold, with lingering symptoms for months each time. There would be a short period of finally getting over it, then the process repeating. It rarely felt like a typical cold (the ones I used to have which lasted the normal time of a few days to a week). Just tired, weak and feeling strange, with chest/nasal mucous. The day before I'd always know I was coming down with whatever it is.

I've been given a few antibiotics as my GP suspected infection but they weren't effective.

I had a spirometry test which was normal.

I'm thinking about a private chest x-ray now... I don't know what else it could be. I'm starting to worry it's something sinister.

Any ideas?

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I would start by going back to GP and really telling them how these infections are making you feel. Have they ever asked for a sputum sample ? or taken Bloods

Maybe write symptoms down before going to see them, it's easy to forget when you only have a limited time with Dr. You should not have to pay for an Xray yourself. Do you always see same Dr maybe try another one if you feel you are not being listened to. Hope this helps

Hi, thyroidorwhat. It sounds as if your immune system has been having a bit of a hammering. Are you trying to support it with a healthy diet, regular hours, good night's sleep, etc?

To avoid colds it's wise to wash hands a lot, avoid playing with your face and hair, especially avoid touching the corners of your eyes with unwashed hands, to use products like NasalGuard Cold and Flu Block when out and about on public transport, planes, and crowded places where other people may have colds, and to use products like Vick's First Defence when you think you're coming down with a cold. I also gargle with Corsodyl mouthwash when I have a sore throat, the first sign for me that a cold is trying to get a hold.

Wishing you all the best. Do let us know a little more about yourself.

Hi, I agree with shouty. Definitely take a sputum sample with you. They will send it off and from the results determine what is the best antibiotic to deal with any infection. Not all infections will respond to the same antibiotic. If no infection, then antibiotics are a waste of time. I have had a very similar experience to you and ended up going to A&E where they diagnosed pneumonia. Definitely go back to the GP, see a different doctor if you feel you are not being taken seriously. If it persists, ask to see a specialist Respiratory consultant. Not wanting to alarm you but I’ve ended up with Bronchiectasis which was only diagnosed after blood tests and a CT scan, with the cause being put down to the pneumonia. You should definitely go back, don't just leave it. Hope that helps.

Thank you I'll look into all of the above, I had a phone consultation and said about sending a sample or having a chest x-ray or something and he brushed it off and said he just thinks I'm unlucky!!

Sounds like you need to get a second opinion. If your GP practice has a number of doctors I’d see if you can see a different doctor. Good luck.

I would get a sputum test if you can, and a CT scan just to be sure everything is ok

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