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day out at the Brompton !


Well I have had my lung function test and my echo back at the Brompton this week, followed by a consult with the doc. It seems I could be a prime subject for valves or alternative help with the lungs, seems the worse the lungs are the better they like it, I now have to wait for an appointment for a CT and a VQ scan before the final decision is made but it seems hopeful for now.

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Frustrating isn't it maggie..I'm being assessed for outdoor oxygen never see same people,walking test..treadmill test ect but still not sure see you again in two months they say,here another bucketful of steroids in meantime to keep airways open.Aww well they are the professional medical people and I'm sure they know what they are doing.All the best Ger

I'm so pleased that things are now moving for you Maggie .I had all that ,the VQ scan is normally the decider .After I had that I went in to the Brompton for 2 days to see if lungs were suitable so maybe after your VQ scan things will move even quicker .I'm really pleased for you Maggie so keep us updated .Good luck my darling

Love Babs 👏👏👏👏😎🍹♥️♥️♥️

Hi Babs, Nice to hear from you. yes it looks like things are proceeding now, it all seems to take so long though. How are you doing? Hope you are well. love n hugsx. Maggie

I'm ok thank you Maggie except I'm crucified by the heatwave ,can do even less in this heat but I haven't got long to go now , September 10 th will soon be here .Just keep healthy ,stay away from bugs etc. Take care and speak soon .

Lots of love ❤️🤞😊 xxxBabs

Hoping things work out well for you Maggie. Good luck xxx 😘

Thanks so much Sassy x

The Royal Brompton Hospital is one of the 'centres of exellence' for all things lung related so you're certainly in good hands. I wish you all the best and hope they say you're suitable for valves or other options. Whatever procedure you are offered, please keep in touch with us as we can gain so much information from somebody who's actually been through an operation. Again,congrats!

Thanks, your right about the Brompton that's why I asked to be referred there.

Maggie xx

When I was under their care only for usual tests etc, I saw Prof A Wells - not sure if he is there this year as he may have retired recently. Typical professor as in glasses at end of his nose, rather crumpled, jacket & non matching trousers and always carrying and dropping lots of paperwork. All that said he is apparently known as 'The Don' in his chosen field. A thoroughly pleasant man. It'll be interesting to learn if you see him!

Good luck Maggie xx

Good luck for your appointment

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