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My name is Jeanne Clay from Mount Hope, WV USA and have been dealing with COPD for 9 years per my drs. instruction. I am 73 years old, non-smoker, non-drinker and consider my lifestyle as healthy. So 6 months ago, I had the standard breathing tests and was told that my lungs were "clear". I am confused about this after using the oral steroids for 9 years. Anyone else have something similar happen to them or know of some similar situation?

Any information about this would help me greatly.

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I would be asking! What he means by lungs clear, clear of infection, inflammation or lung disease.

Why was you placed on oral steroids.

As you are probably aware COPD is incurable and certainly would not be cured by a prolong dosage of oral steroids.

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If J is anything like me, there are times I can't check my posts for a day or two, so maybe we'll hear from J down the road.

Hello and welcome Jeanne

Hello, Jeannec01. I know these things are confusing at times. As Redsox stated, it's best to get a more clear diagnosis from a specialist. My gp does do my tests, but rarely explains all the fev numbers and pef graphs. If the word is good, then ride it.

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