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Steam cleaning lungs


Hi Guys, hope you're all good xxxx I saw my specialist this week and he was telling me about "steam cleaning" the lungs a new method that is still in trials ,anybody heard of it ???? Also he is writing to my Dr, to arrange salt nebulisers to be performed on me by a physiotherapist, I have trouble removing phlegm , anybody done this ??? He has tested me for the valves but as i am doing pretty good at the moment doesn't think it's worth the risk ,last three months I've been the best I have in over two years !!! Any thoughts would be appreciated xx thank you hope you have a lovely day xx

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Interesting would like to see results from further trials.

I've been using a Beurer steamer together with a Aerosure to help clear my lungs for quite a while now. I still need to do go through the huffing and puffing procedure to cough it up of course.


I have bronchiectasis. In the very old days they used to sit you over a bowl of steaming water to loosen the hospitals they had little steam pots with a spout through which you breathed in the steam. You can still buy these from chemists. This seems another version of that. Today we tend to nebulise 0.9% isotonic saline or ( after a supervised testing to make sure that it doesn’t cause bronchospasm) 3%, 5% or 7% hypertonic saline. Plus using various flutter devices and ( very important) breathing exercises, exercise and techniques to cough out the mucus.

I have a steam room which Helps a lot.

It sounds to me as if they are going to try hypertonic saline on you as a physiotherapist is going to be with you. If saline nebs suit you it is easy to do it yourself at home. I hope that things go well for you.

Glad you had a productive consultation caz.

I nebulise 7% hypertonic twice a day following nebulisisng a bronchodilator and prior to lung clearance. I am assuming you are having an assessment, they are thinking in terms of hypertonic. This comes in 3 strengths 3% and 6% are made by Pari and 7% is made by Forrest. Originally I was prescribed isotonic 0.9% and didn’t have an assessment as it is the same strength as other bodily fluids. Some people find it helpful but it is of no use loosening the gunk for me.

Good luck and i hope it works well for you.

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My consultant finally offered me a trial hypertonic. Given your experience, the fact that I do ok with isotonic from time to time and that I don’t fancy trawling in to Birmingham I am not going to bother for now.

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I don’t blame you if isotonic works well for you. I sometimes get a bit concerned about the amount of saline. I know it’s not systemic but it as to be exreted and my skin gets very dry. It’s a balance really - getting the gunk up.


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