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Retirement due to copd


Hi doctor diagnosed copd awaiting hospital tests. I nursed mum and till I lost them so really knew several years ago.

Wanted to know about early retirement? I’m 58 work with special needs teenagers been of for several months this year with chest infections now seeing OH. Know can’t do my job anymore feels like it’s killing me.

Anyone help please on retiring on I’ll health. Union keep telling me not to go back doc been very active.

Thanks for any advice!

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Hello Trajam, I'm sorry you've been so unwell. I suggest you phone the BLF Helpline for their advice on this. Biddy is the expert on Welfare Benefits questions. To see when she is available, click on her post here: -

Best wishes :)

Trajam17 in reply to annienell

Thanks for taking time to answer. Will call Biddy thanks again.

I'd be interested to know what you discover.

Trajam17 in reply to frose

Will keep you informed!

I was a civil servant and applied 5 times for early retirement on medical grounds, so it's not easy. I finally succeeded with a report from my insurers, which effectively clinched it. I imagine there is a similar system in the NHS (if that's where you work - if it's private, you may have more difficulty); you might have to get a export from an independent medical examiner if you have difficulties, but you might still be able to collect a reduced pension if you retire earlier than planned. It's always worth comparing your options and BLF and/ or your Union should be able to provide advice and even some help. I wish you well.

Trajam17 in reply to Superzob

Thanks for reply. What insurers do you mean? I have a life policy? I work for council so have pensions with them.

I had employment protection insurance and so was able to use that insurer. The problem I had was that our occupational health service kept rejecting my application, for no good reason other than financial - I worry you might have the same problem with the council's. However, your Union (Unison?) may be able to arrange something independently if you have a similar problem.

I used to work for the Council, until I took medical retirement at 53 ( few years ago ). My Asthma is very Severe and classed under COPD. I was having a lot of time off with infections, and Eczema flare ups, and stress. I was finding it too hot in the office, and they tried to put in reasonable adjustments, but they did not make any difference. You will find some information in the Council Pension Book which explains the difference between the types of medical retirement. You will need to have OH involvement (which I understand you have already) and your Council Personnel people. The doctor from OH said I was too ill to work, even before we looked at early retirement. We tried reducing my hours, but did not make any difference either. You need to think about how hard it is for you and write it all down, and the damage that could happen to yourself if you continue to work anywhere. If the Council grant you early retirement, they will claim back on their insurance, though there is a form for you to fill out. Hope this helps.

Wow thanks for info sounds awful.Hope your in better health now you retired.

Feel really worried now there’s no way I can work it’s killing me constant infections, every time it’s so much harder to get over. I don’t know if I got enough fight for this but that’s what they bank on isn’t it!

Thanks for reply take care.

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