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Travel insurance and advice on help with benefits

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Hi All. Just an enquiry after doing a quick quote of travel insurance for a cruise sometime as eliminated flying due to air con and catching infections constantly when been away. The cheapest one was 280pd with now copd but I have been in hospital 3 times this year so answered all questions truthfully. Just wanted to know is this what people pay?

Also after 40yr of full time work this is alien to me of what benefits allowed I have applied for pip. Can anyone advise if or anything else I could get I am 59.

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Good morning san37. Have a look at the Related Posts on the right of your post to see previous threads on travel insurance.

Regarding advice on benefits, I suggest you phone Biddy who is the BLF Helpline advisor on benefits. See her post where she details the times she is available.

Good luck! Annienell

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san37 in reply to annienell

That’s great thank you

Hi have a look at the Government benefits site.

You can claim ESA if you get a sick note as well as PIP. Depending on your circumstances ie whether you live alone etc. you might also be able to claim housing benefit and council tax rebate too. Good luck. x

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san37 in reply to hypercat54

Thank you

You may want to check this page:

" Benefit fraud

You’re committing benefit fraud if you:

don’t tell the office that pays your benefit you’re going abroad, even if it’s just for a visit

deliberately don’t report a change in your circumstances while abroad, like buying a property, working, or claiming a pension or benefit from another country

are dishonest in order to get benefits, like continuing to claim the pension or benefit of someone who has died overseas "

Not sure if any one has had any experience of this with benefits being stopped or reduced, or what the benefits agency may look at or check on in regard to this. Perhaps this is another topic.

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san37 in reply to Bkin

Sorry is this meant for my post? I have never ever claimed benefits before in my life, always been fortunate to be in full time work for 40yrs plus and all this is alien to me. Answer to your reply people deserve to be done if fraud.

I also posted about travel insurance if people knew more competitive quotes.

San i think you will find that cruise insurance is always quite high when travelling with a known condition as it tends to bump up the policy because of the potential costs in repatriating you should you take ill.good luck in your search,it is a well covered topic on the forum.............Ski's and scruff's x

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