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Still Breathing xxxx


Update. I am feeling Better now. Had the Full Monty regarding Sedation, I am lucky to have had 10 people in Theatre working on me. I was hoping to Float.. Didn't happen, Sedated heavily. Had chest pain, Morphine is brilliant. Now, sat up and looking forward to my Colin coming back with neccessary things. Skis, me Carino, my Lippy stayed on and is still on. Having ECG's as a precaution, but I'm good, I hope I'm only in for the 3 days ,no more.? Abrazo y Besos a Todo. Y me pequino Cas tambien❤❤❤

Love n Hugs to everyone.

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That’s very good news querida Carolina!!

You take good care of yourself xx


Fran xxx


Well done Hacienda. A big hug! Onwards and upwards now! Xx

Great to see your update Carolina and glad you’re doing ok.

🥂🍾 here’s to coming home soon.

Love and hugs xxxx

I am pleased it all went well and hope you have fully recovered soon. Look after yourself. x

Well done mi carino,you are my star for the day and i hope it is a very comfortable one for you as are the next 3 days,now when Colins gone and regardless of how glamorous you look in the shiny red you must refrain from chasing the more desirable doctors around the ward even if it is under the guise of rehabilitation.Have you thrown away the o2 yet as i need a top up lol...............Happy Ski's para su amigo

O2Trees in reply to skischool

Dondé gato?!

skischool in reply to O2Trees

Mi gata esta en el jardin,having a good sleep for a change. :) xx

O2Trees in reply to skischool

Saints be praised Ski's - hope you get yours tonight (as it were!) xx

Great news! Get well soon! x

💐🍇hope you are feeling a lot better soon. Look after you.💐


Good news always welcome. Well done you.

Hoping for a speedy recovery. :)

Well done you and well done to each and everyone of the 10 people involved in your operation! Just ensure you relax and rest for the next few days please!?!

Hurray Carolina! So pleased for you xx :)

Happy to hear that you're now sitting up and already impatient to go home, 3days will soon pass - have a good rest until it does💐 xx

Muy muy bien mi amiga Carolina...I am so pleased. Take very good care of yourself xxxx

Well done, Hacienda. As you can see we have all been wishing you well, today. 😊 You'll have to let me know what lippy that is! Stays on, even during operations, wow! 👍🌻😊

Hacienda in reply to Dubba61

Rimmel dual superdrug. Xxx

That’s brilliant love, I hope you keep on improving and will be home soon feeling on top of the world. Much love and gentle hugs X

Great news hacienda so pleased to hear your doing ok x keep us all posted and wishing you a speedy recovery regards Davy boy xx

Great to hear all went well and you're sitting up in bed and only 3 days in hospital.

Take care and keep us posted.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery


Thinking of you. Sending hugs xx

So pleased Hacienda that you are doing well, here's to a speedy recovery x

That's brilliant....well done!

Lovely news, get well soon 🌹🌼🌺🌻🌸

Great news. Take care now no running before you can walk!! Xx

So pleased you are recovering well long may it continue .Don't be chasing the docs with that red lippie on lol

Much love Babs ❣️

Hacienda in reply to Alfiebax2

Will give you more detail Babs, when I'm home. Love n hugs xxx

Alfiebax2 in reply to Hacienda

Thank you .Take care xxx

So pleased your feeling much better, just take things steady now ' one step at a time' xxxx

Glad all went ok, now take it easy and get better x🌹🌷🌸

Yay!! Hello there Carolina. So, so pleased you are doing okay. 😊 Now just take things easy. Rest, rest and more rest. xx 🙋🐕

Hacienda in reply to Caspiana

Thank you Sweetie, I hope to Go home on Sunday. Love n hugs. Xxxx

Caspiana in reply to Hacienda


Hi Caroline, great news. Do what the docs say, and hopefully you will go home in the 3 day time frame. Well done you. Take care. Karen xx

So pleased the worst is over for you Carolina, now you need to rest. Love Lilian xxxxxx

Glad all going well after your operation. Hope it's hugely beneficial for you. Fingers crossed it will be only the 3 days and you're home soon xxx

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