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Im begining to think maybe it was the wrong decision to pack the cigs up that perhaps because i have smoked for so long my body needs the horrid chemicals ?I have been smoke free 5 months now and all i have been is ill and antibiotics it seems i get rid off one infection for another to be waiting in the queue to be honest i am getting fed up now and feel like giving up this long pointless fight sorry this is such a negative post but it is the truth x

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This is your nicotine working on your mind to get you to feed your habit again. You are doing REALLY well, do not give in to all these negative thoughts...your body does NOT need the chemicals that are damaging your lungs. It is just a coincidence that you have been having these other problems , PLEASE don't brain wash yourself to EVER think you need to smoke to keep healthy

Love Sohara

O2Trees in reply to Sohara

Important post - please take notice of it, shadow4me :)

Honestly it will be worth it I promise. Cigerattes poison every aspect of our body we are 100% better off without them.

I would see your GP, ask for a blood test, check all your immunity levels, kidney/liver function blood count, glucose the works. Also ask for an ECG to be done, they only take few minutes. Get your blood pressure checked, basically have a full MOT.

Take extra vitamins loads of veg and a smoothie everyday!

I'm suffering from lots of infections I know it's frustrating but hang in there I think when your run down your more open to other things.

Hi awful though this sounds this is much better than your illness accelerating and ending up on oxygen or an early death! This is what could happen if you go back to smoking.

You have a choice at the moment to pack the ciggies in before they pack you in. There is great quit smoking site on here all encouraging each other to stop and stay stopped. Why not join it? x

shadow4me in reply to hypercat54

I agree with you about smoking but not the oxygen some have been on it for many years with copd and are still going strong ?and most havent touched a cig in years x

hypercat54 in reply to shadow4me

Because the damage caused by smoking was done earlier. You have more chance of ending up on oxygen the more you have smoked and how long. You might still end up on it in years to come but it sure as hell will come much sooner if you return to smoking! x

shadow4me in reply to hypercat54

I know off some in mild stage on ox ,I smoked 45 years so not much hope for me then x

mrsmummy in reply to shadow4me

I smoked for 43 years and have been on oxygen for a good few years and my life is still worth living. Can I be blunt? We all make excuses to go on smoking because giving up hurts. That is what you are doing. Just keep on fighting for a while longer and do check out the quit site where you will find others going through the same thing. Stay strong.

shadow4me in reply to mrsmummy

I wont touch another cig but its true since i gave up i have had nothing but infections and about 7 rounds off antibiotics my oxy levels havent improved nor my breathing but my purse is a lot fatter x

mrsmummy in reply to shadow4me


joyce74 in reply to shadow4me

I was the same when I quit nearly 8 years ago . It took time for my body to adjust but now can't be around people smoking. Sure you will soon start to feel better.

shadow4me in reply to joyce74

Thankyou Joy im glad im not the only one that felt like this x

Maximonkey in reply to shadow4me

Hi Shadow4me, I think it is pretty normal what you are suffering after all the lungs need to get rid of all the nasties accumulated from the cigarettes. Do you have a consultant? have you been diagnosed? if you are worried I would go see your GP and ask what is going on. Tell him/her that you are feeling down about feeling so ill. Your GP should be able to help. Good luck, take care and let us know how you get on. Maximonkey

Hi shadow4me ,i had the same problem when i quit smoking,thinking i would feel better if i started smoking again which i did then relised i did not feel any better , so please do not give in ,it is just not worth it,health is so important .

All the best stay strong .

Think of all the years you have smoked and put the poison into your lungs. It's only been 5 months. They are working to clear as much of the poison as they can. Give them time. DON'T be tempted back onto the cigarettes. The quit support group hypercat provided a link to is a very good one. Stay strong. :)

Stumpy55 in reply to mrsmummy

I completely agree with everyone who has commented on the importance of not smoking. I smoked for 40 years and I know it is the cause of most of my health problems unfortunately, but I urge you to stay strong and not give in, it's easy to say I know but you will get there in the end. Stay strong and positive my friend✋️😊

Five months off cigarettes is already amazing. Don't lose heart now! Like most things, may be easier with ongoing support and encouragement. Try these groups! Xxx

Since childhood my lungs have been poor. I’ve had countless infections, & pneumonia quite a few times, so my lungs are very damaged. I’ve got a permanent bacterial infection, a permanent fungal one, & have been on abs & pred for staphylococcus aureus for 7 months. I too feel I’m getting worse. Noone knows why & I’m currently waiting for hospital admission. I’ve never smoked in my life. What shall I blame?

shadow4me in reply to Hanne62

I have had crap lungs for many years and the worse thing i ever done was get addicted to cigarettes yes its adictive im quite strong minded and gave drinking up years ago no prob but the cigs i coudnt beat i have also had pneumonia a few times i also would like to know why i keep getting infections but sadly my GP is in special measures so I doubt if I will ever be tested for conditions i cant even get appoinment lol the only person i am blaming is myself but its a fact i have been not doing to good since quitting I was promised a slight improvement ?I dont intend to smoke again but we all need to sometimes try to blame something

Hidden in reply to Hanne62

Get well soon Hanne, please . When I'm low I can't help thinking that it's not fair. For someone like you it definitely is not fair at all. X

And get well soon Shadow, for some people I've read here it can take a really long time to clear the lungs after smoking for many years so hang on in there. P

Robin77 in reply to Hanne62

Hanne 62, hope to hear better news soon, hope the hospital specialists manage to get a clearer view of the situation. You must be very tired.

Hanne62 in reply to Robin77

Yes, exhausted! Thank goodness for husbands, mine’s doing everything so I’m lucky there

Hidden in reply to Hanne62

Dear Hanne62 I hope you will start to feel lot better soon. Thinking of you and wishing you well.🌻 Majt

Hanne62 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Majt. It’s obv been a long winter for shadow4me and many others too, inc you I think.

Hidden in reply to Hanne62

Lovely to hear from you Hanne take care. Majt 🌺

I feel the same , I stopped 9 months ago and have been ill ever since and have gained a lot of weight it makes you wonder is it worth it . I was told it would make a difference still waiting .

Hi there shadow4me and I had to give up the ciggies when diagnosed with COPD. I honestly expected to have clear,beautiful lungs after a few weeks and was I wrong...oh indeed! Like you I had numerous chest infections and other things like coughing all the time and dont even ask how much weight I've put on!!! But,its now been virtually 12 months and my voice sounds different, still gaining weight as my taste buds are loving all sorts of food,and breathing isn't rasping anymore,unless I'm moving around and then I do huff and puff!! My friends say they notice my airways not being so crack ly etc. So I ask you to just Keep going for that bit longer as you WILL see the benefits soon. Each person is different but if you were anything like me,I'd smoked from age 15- 55,so why would I think for one min,that I'd be rid of all the c**p in just a few weeks.? Try to stick at it....not long and you will see the difference, I promise you. Best of luck and let's not forget,you've done so,so well already girlie. One last push and you are virtually there!!

Best wishes.

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