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Feeling anxious again


Hi all brief summary of what's happened so far.

Husband had a Spontaneous Pnumothorax just before Christmas thought to be bought on by a mixture of things. Anyway he has not returned to full duties yet at work (he is a firefighter) he has been through intense recovery program set out by the fire brigade that includes things such as running, circuits, dummy drags etc etc which he seemed to have coped with really well and his fitness has climbed up and up and up and is making excellent progress. He has had x-rays, bloods and scans etc and all seems ok.

He is having some more tests on Monday (think one is a spirometry test)

I have it in my head that he has COPD because recently he has had a cough on and off. He started coughing alot during the night which set alarm bells ringing for me because that's how the first SP started. I made him go to the doctor's and he got checked out and the doctor said all sounds clear and fine. The cough seemed to get better and eventually go. Now it seems to have started again...he keeps saying to me (it's just a cold I'm fine etc etc) but I can't help but think the worst.

He has never smoked his whole life but as I said previously he is a firefighter. When he had the first cough (before I made him go to the doctors) he was still able to go to do his usual training. He has been monitored the whole way through his recovery and seems to be doing well. But I just can't help think the worst. I'm dreading Monday and what will happen and what we will find out.

He was absolutely fine before his spontaneous Pnumothorax and now it seems I'm constantly worrying about his health. He is 43 slightly over weight but otherwise very fit.

Any advice welcome 😔

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Please, stop getting yourself into such a state. Read what you have written: 'he was still able to do his usual training', 'he has been monitored' and 'seems to be doing well' and 'he was absolutely fine before'. A spontaneous pneumothorax can be frightening but most people get over it quickly. Be careful or you will find out he is okay only to have to take yourself to bed because of worrying too much. :)

28 years ago right after I married my husband he had a quintuple bypass they told me it would only last ten years. He is still here and okay I use to worry myself sick which is probably what I did do. Just take a day at a time. Now we check on each other. Lol

Jist take one day at a time ,he managed his usual training ,that is a very good sign ,worring dose not help,take deep breaths relax ,think positive and all will go well,otherwise you will be sick.

Take care dear lady😀

I'm trying I really am but my worries and thoughts get carried away. He has just receebd a letter today regarding an appointment for a CT scan on Monday..I'm already twisting myself up in knots 😔

I do have a question regarding CT scans, will they give you the results there and then? Talk to you about the results? Or will you have to wait etc?

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